Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wishing For A Summer Breeze

While I snap these pics!!!  Good Lord its hot outside!!!!!!!! 103 today, and 104 Sunday....if hell is this hot.......

So please keep the ridiculously hot temperatures in mind as you view these pics.  Sorry I look dehydrated, dried up, sweaty and tired because I WAS and I couldn't hide it.  LOL.

I have been watching Roots and Roots: The Next Generation for the past 2 weeks and I have been head over heels in love with the fashion they chose for Elisabeth and Alex Haley's grandmother in the miniseries and they were the inspiration for my outfit today.  I am a sucker for vintage.


  1. awhhh! your little curls are so cute :)

  2. Love the outfit. Vintage shopping is addictive.

  3. Thanks ya'll so much! Yes it is G

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  5. Hi Nitin! Thank you very much for your kind words! There are several ways to subscribe to my blog. One of the easiest ways is to subscribe by email. Right below the "Popular Posts" snippets located in the right toolbar, there is an option where you can subscribe by email. If you have a Bloglovin' account, you can subscribe to my blog using that method. Lastly, you can subscribe to my blog by creating a blogger account and hitting the subscribe button that is located at the top left hand corner at the top of the screen, or by clicking on the "follow" button located in the right toolbar. Thank you so much and have a great day!



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