Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair Stick Junky!

Okay don't judge me, I couldn't help it!

I know I have another year or so to go before I can start rocking these bad boys I just had to have them now! 

Like I shared earlier, I want to grow waist length natural hair.  That is my ultimate goal.  And to get there I am going to have to wear a lot of protective hairstyles, and a lot of buns and updos to protect those ends from damage!

                                                                  Matching earrangs?!?!?! Say werd?

So even though I barely even have enough hair to make it to shoulder length, I still bought a whole crap load of hair sticks to hype myself and motivate me! The best thing is that almost every pair minus the flower hair fork above and like two others are all wooden!  The good thing about wooden accessories is that more than likely, they are a lot smoother than plastic accessories.

As I run my fingers down all of the wooden ones and the metal flower hair fork, they are all smooth and free of any jagged seams.  Sharp seams rip through hair, causing damage to your precious strands.  Always inspect the surface of all combs and hair accessories before you use them on your hair.

If they are too rough, take an emery board or sandpaper and sand down the rough edges so that they can be more hair friendly.  You don't want to get long hair and have a major set back from using cheap, inadequate hair accessories.    All of the plastic ones will get smoothed down before I even THINK about putting them in my hair 20 years from now when I am APL (arm pit length) and beyond.  No more big chops for me! 

 Gosh I can't wait to rock these bad boys!  Maybe I'll do a giveaway with a set one day in the future so you can rock a pair with me.....hmmmmm......

Fat Twists

On Tuesday while watching Bad Girls Club (these chicks are even more childish and petty than the other seasons I swear), Martin, and some other shows, I did these big ole twists on my head.  And if I do say so myself, they are looking mighty good!

(WOAH! Like forreal, where did all this hair come from?!?!?! Not even two months ago I was struggling to do twists)

Total time for twists: 3 hours or so, not bad at all!

On Monday, I spent maybe 5 hours or so taking down my braids.  I wet my hair in the shower using the new shower filter I bought (it's "okay" so far),  then applied Aussie Moist Conditioner to my hair for extra slip.

   Next I added a little shealoe to each braid before I unraveled them.  The shealoe helped to reduce the friction between each of the 3 sections of each of the braids that I took apart, and it also made them loosen up some, making the take down pretty painless.  This is a big tip that I want to give to you all.  Reducing friction between your hair strands is very important.  Whenever I am styling my hair, or detangling, I not only add my detangling agent, I also add some type of oily product to my hair.

I use unrefined coconut oil.  The coconut oil coats my hair strands and allow for no friction (aka tangling) between my hair strands.  The less tangling and friction between the hair strands, the less likely that my hair is going to get damaged while I am trying to remove shed hair from my hair.  If your hair is tangling really badly when you are detangling or styling, you may want to try to add a little oil such as coconut oil or another oil of your preference to your hair to help add lubrication between your hair strands.
I get no breakage while detangling.  That is why lubrication (along with patience) is very important whenever you are combing your hair, whether using your fingers or a comb.  I hope this tip helps somebody :)

The next morning I woke up, already having my hair sectioned off into 20 or so sections using little kiddy scrunchies.

(this picture is vintage July 2010.  I am just using it as a visual)

I wet my hair down with my water spritz, then proceeded to add Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose conditioner and one drop of glycerin to each small section of my hair.  When I was finish applying it the first time, I noticed my hair had absorbed the conditioner already, so I added another layer by taking each section down again and reapplying.  When I was done I added honey to my ends.  I put on a shower cap, a hat and ran some errands.

Came home six hours later to soft hair! I think what really was key for my soft hair was that second layer of conditioner.  From now on, I will do this whenever I condition my hair cause hunny let me tell you:  I rinsed that conditioner out of my hair and I swear to you not I said in the shower:
"My hair feels like hair!"

LOL!  It felt so good I thought I had snuck a weave in there or something...definitely felt to good to be my hair.

Anyway, I detangled in the shower, taking down each section and finger combing, then I immediately braided each section back up to reduce tangling and single strand knots.

I then got out of the shower and twisted my hair using my World of Curls Curl Activator gel, Aloe Vera gel and I added some new things to the mix this time.  I tried shealoe over some twists to seal, Komaza Care's Califia Moisturizing Cream to some

and Mozeke Whipped Avocado Cream to others.

  Okay this was so not smart because I started applying two of the butters to some twists and I found one combination really moisturizing and I don't know which one it was (I hope it is shealoe cause I can make that on my own!).

Either way these twists are in, feeling goodt goodt goodt.  Alright lovelies, take care!

DEUCES  (no Chris Breezy)

Ladies please be careful

There seems to be a virus going around on fotki again, the internet site that a lot of natural women use to host online pictures.  If your computer is not properly protected, then your computer can be in jeopardy.

I believe they gave me a virus last year, and since this is the second time I have heard about this, I will soon remove all of my hair pics from their site and transfer them to a new host, probably this one as well as a back up.  I do not want to compromise your computer or my own for hair pics.  Too sad it has to be that way.

I have suspended links from my homepage of other fotki albums, and I will be removing my own from posts as I see them.  Thank you and be safe.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PSA for Richmond Area Nappies:

The Ruby Red on Hull Street before you get to the Haynes by Highway 150 coming from Richmond has Curls Products!  And I am not talking about the "Curls for Target line."   They have the real stuff!  I was pretty amazed when I walked in there and happy. 

Another PSA is that Happy Natural Day will be going on this weekend from Friday through Sunday.  More information can be found at the website but here is the list of events.  Vendors will be in attendance selling hair products amongst other things! 

Friday August 27, 2010 / 9PM Until
Ancestral Libation Ceremony (out-door) Me: (HOW COOL!!!!)
Richmond African Burial
15th & East Broad Street
VCU Parking Lot
Richmond, VA 23219

Saturday August 28, 2010 / 12 noon 8pm
Happily Natural Day (in-door)
Muhammads Mosque #24
104 Cowardin Ave
Richmond, VA 23219

Saturday August 28, 2010 / 9pm - Until
Juju Poetry Slam (in-door)
Register to Slam: 10 Slots Tropical Soul
314 North 2nd Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Sunday August 29, 2010 / 12 noon 8pm
RE/Vitalize: Happily Natural Day (in-door)
Family Resource Center
2405 Jefferson Ave
Richmond, VA 23223

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Are Your Hair Goals?

When I shaved my hair off for the last time back in November 2009 I did it in good conscious.  I wanted long healthy hair.  My hair was already leaning on the side of long by late 2008 (APL in the back), but it was definitely not anyone's healthy.

Looks are very deceiving. My hair appeared healthy to anyone who saw my hair from a distance, but I knew the real condition of my hair. I had so many incomplete splits up and down my hair strands it looked absolutely disgusting.

One thing I hate to see is long unhealthy hair.  No offense to anyone with long unhealthy hair, really *shrugs*.  I am an equal opportunity hater.  I  hate to see short unhealthy hair too so don't feel bad. There is just something about see through ends that really look unappealing to me and nasty.  Stop trying to hold on to damaged hair, just cut it off and your hair will thank youCut It Out! With all of the problems I was facing, I just wanted a fresh start so off it went!    And let me tell you, that was the best thing I have ever did for my hair. My hair is far less tangly (I know hair gets tangled more with length but trust and believe my hair is still not as tangly as it was when I first bc'd in late 2006), and so far it is not damaged.

Now that I have a fresh start, I am trying everything in my power to keep my hair as healthy as possible.  I have traded in my seamed combs for seamless combs, I make sure to spritz my hair with a water based homemade spritz once or more daily to combat dryness, as always, I wear protective styles at least 75% of the month (at the most, 7 days with my hair in loose styles), and I try to treat my hair like a Michael Kor's bag.

Okay you may think I am crazy but I really want to shoot for waist length long, thick healthy hair.  If I get to waist length hair ever, hunny, you will not be able to tell me nuffin!  Last time I measured my hair, it was anywhere from 3-4 inches after a trim, taking off 1 inch of hair, a very very long way off from my ultimate hair goal of waist length hair.

                               Um, if my hair grows to booty length or hip length one day I won't complain either!  Heh.

Ms-gg!  You want waist length hair!  Girl you crazy!

After being on Nappturality and viewing fotki albums and youtube videos, I know that I can have waist length hair if I can master my hair and its needs.  Anyone, including you can have long healthy hair too if it is in the stars for you if you learn how to master your hair.  And that is my goal.  What always seems to be my stumbling block is moisture issues.  I have really porous hair and my hair hates just about every product I have ever used on my hair (this might very well be an issue of our water and I have a shower filter on the way to my house and pray to God that this will be my holy grail hair saving miracle).

Whenever I learn how to keep my hair properly moisturized 365, 24/7 I think that getting to waist length hair will be as easy breezy as Cover Girl.  Now, that is my ultimate hair goal, now what is your ultimate hair goal?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh La La I'm in French!

Much love to Ms. Couronne De Coton aka Zabou for the feature on her blog!  And a special big shout out to all of the French speaking nappies around the world!  No matter what language we speak, we are all brother and sisters in God's eye.

Merci beaucoup.  Je vous aime tous et prendre soin.

  Click here to check out her site and the feature!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Woo Hoo! My First Set of Box Braids in Over a Year!!!!!

Hey ya'll!  I know I have been missing in action!  Lo siento!

  I have been messing with my hair a little bit too much lately.  Bad Ms-gg, I know.  I took down these twists right here almost two weeks ago. In these pictures below, the twists are one week old as shown in the original post.

click here to see the original post with these twists.

Why?  Well after I washed my hair it was a wrap after week one.  After almost four years of being natural, I still  have a hard time remoisturizing my hair after I wash it when it is in a style.  Why I don't know?  Probably because my hair is so porous, coarse, and dense!  It requires more product than I estimate and I am still learning the best way to pump it back into my hair.  But when I do it is going to be game on!

And that is a issue I want to slightly go off topic to touch on real quick.  A lot of times after the bc, new naturals become frustrated because they don't have their routines down within a month or two of being natural.  I am four years into this thing almost (what am I on, day 1420?)  and I am STILL trying to adjust and learn my hair needs.  It just doesn't work like that.  Take the time to get to know your hair, and everything else will fall into place.

Okay, enough of that PSA stuff, back to the new 'do.  So I took those twists down, and put in a new set.  I wore those for about a week (sorry, no documentation), then I took those down and now here I am in my first set of braids since about June 2009.

   You know your hair is getting longer when you can start wearing braids again!  After all of my unnecessary trimming, my hair is currently 3-4 inches long.  I will make a post about this later, but I think for a while, I am going to try just doing the "search and destroy method" of hair maintenance exclusively to "trim" my hair.  No more bimonthly haphazard, self destructive trimming unless it is to even up my hair.  

Now, I will admit, I am a hair twisting queen.  I wear twists more than any other natural hairstyle hands down.  They are so easy to put in, they are one of the fullest looking protective styles, they are easy to take out (as long as you don't have any major tangles or hair knotting or matting), and they are cute as all get out.

But I love braids too!  I love them because once you put them in, you are less likely to take them out, and if you ever did a set, you know why lol.  They are a little bit more challenging to take out, parting them can take longer, and they get fuzzier a lot less than twists.  They are also more durable.  If I wanted to, I could wash them everyday and they are less likely to unravel on my short hair.  I could easily go a month or longer with a set of braids and I have done that before.

So far, nothing but mad love for these braids!  I am not happy about the middle parting, but I am too lazy to redo them and no you will not see what I am talking about because it is a hot flaming mess! lol   

I want these set to last a month but they probably aren't going to lol.  I want to shoot for about 3 weeks (21 days).   If I can make it to 3 weeks, then I might try to squeeze another week out of them.  One of the benefits of letting a style last a whole month is that when you go to take your hair out, you instantly have another .5 inches of hair if you grow .5 inches of  hair a month.  So when you go to do another style, you have a whole lot more hair to work with than you did 30 days ago.  I love that!

That's it for now, thank you for stopping by and take care!


Monday, August 9, 2010

You Good With That Shea Butter?

OMG LOL@ my mama calling me a few minutes after I left for work:

"Did you leave your lunch, you left this shea butter on the counter?" 


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