Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair Stick Junky!

Okay don't judge me, I couldn't help it!

I know I have another year or so to go before I can start rocking these bad boys I just had to have them now! 

Like I shared earlier, I want to grow waist length natural hair.  That is my ultimate goal.  And to get there I am going to have to wear a lot of protective hairstyles, and a lot of buns and updos to protect those ends from damage!

                                                                  Matching earrangs?!?!?! Say werd?

So even though I barely even have enough hair to make it to shoulder length, I still bought a whole crap load of hair sticks to hype myself and motivate me! The best thing is that almost every pair minus the flower hair fork above and like two others are all wooden!  The good thing about wooden accessories is that more than likely, they are a lot smoother than plastic accessories.

As I run my fingers down all of the wooden ones and the metal flower hair fork, they are all smooth and free of any jagged seams.  Sharp seams rip through hair, causing damage to your precious strands.  Always inspect the surface of all combs and hair accessories before you use them on your hair.

If they are too rough, take an emery board or sandpaper and sand down the rough edges so that they can be more hair friendly.  You don't want to get long hair and have a major set back from using cheap, inadequate hair accessories.    All of the plastic ones will get smoothed down before I even THINK about putting them in my hair 20 years from now when I am APL (arm pit length) and beyond.  No more big chops for me! 

 Gosh I can't wait to rock these bad boys!  Maybe I'll do a giveaway with a set one day in the future so you can rock a pair with me.....hmmmmm......


  1. those are all very pretty. i'm especially fond of the ones with the dangles and the one that looks like a swizzle stick.

  2. Thank you Jasmine! I love the dangles too!

  3. You are NOT playing around :) These beauties must be great for bunning and protective styles in general.

  4. LOL!!! Girl no! I sure ain't!!! Oh yes, they will be the talk of the town next year hopefully! :)

  5. Where did you find them? They're gorgeous!



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