Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ladies please be careful

There seems to be a virus going around on fotki again, the internet site that a lot of natural women use to host online pictures.  If your computer is not properly protected, then your computer can be in jeopardy.

I believe they gave me a virus last year, and since this is the second time I have heard about this, I will soon remove all of my hair pics from their site and transfer them to a new host, probably this one as well as a back up.  I do not want to compromise your computer or my own for hair pics.  Too sad it has to be that way.

I have suspended links from my homepage of other fotki albums, and I will be removing my own from posts as I see them.  Thank you and be safe.


  1. Yep Fotki got me too! I'm looking for a new home to store my photos. I thought my computer was protected but my anitvirus software expired! lol

  2. Urgh! That sucks! I know that you can get a virus anywhere on the net, but I think that since fotki has experienced this problem before, they should better protect their users.

    I loved my fotki album so much, but I guess after four years it is time to move on....

  3. Yes I often get the your at risk or my virus protection blocks things on Fotki, it is a lot of work anyway and I'm thinking of deleting but sometimes I go just to view pics so it does suck.



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