Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Are Your Hair Goals?

When I shaved my hair off for the last time back in November 2009 I did it in good conscious.  I wanted long healthy hair.  My hair was already leaning on the side of long by late 2008 (APL in the back), but it was definitely not anyone's healthy.

Looks are very deceiving. My hair appeared healthy to anyone who saw my hair from a distance, but I knew the real condition of my hair. I had so many incomplete splits up and down my hair strands it looked absolutely disgusting.

One thing I hate to see is long unhealthy hair.  No offense to anyone with long unhealthy hair, really *shrugs*.  I am an equal opportunity hater.  I  hate to see short unhealthy hair too so don't feel bad. There is just something about see through ends that really look unappealing to me and nasty.  Stop trying to hold on to damaged hair, just cut it off and your hair will thank youCut It Out! With all of the problems I was facing, I just wanted a fresh start so off it went!    And let me tell you, that was the best thing I have ever did for my hair. My hair is far less tangly (I know hair gets tangled more with length but trust and believe my hair is still not as tangly as it was when I first bc'd in late 2006), and so far it is not damaged.

Now that I have a fresh start, I am trying everything in my power to keep my hair as healthy as possible.  I have traded in my seamed combs for seamless combs, I make sure to spritz my hair with a water based homemade spritz once or more daily to combat dryness, as always, I wear protective styles at least 75% of the month (at the most, 7 days with my hair in loose styles), and I try to treat my hair like a Michael Kor's bag.

Okay you may think I am crazy but I really want to shoot for waist length long, thick healthy hair.  If I get to waist length hair ever, hunny, you will not be able to tell me nuffin!  Last time I measured my hair, it was anywhere from 3-4 inches after a trim, taking off 1 inch of hair, a very very long way off from my ultimate hair goal of waist length hair.

                               Um, if my hair grows to booty length or hip length one day I won't complain either!  Heh.

Ms-gg!  You want waist length hair!  Girl you crazy!

After being on Nappturality and viewing fotki albums and youtube videos, I know that I can have waist length hair if I can master my hair and its needs.  Anyone, including you can have long healthy hair too if it is in the stars for you if you learn how to master your hair.  And that is my goal.  What always seems to be my stumbling block is moisture issues.  I have really porous hair and my hair hates just about every product I have ever used on my hair (this might very well be an issue of our water and I have a shower filter on the way to my house and pray to God that this will be my holy grail hair saving miracle).

Whenever I learn how to keep my hair properly moisturized 365, 24/7 I think that getting to waist length hair will be as easy breezy as Cover Girl.  Now, that is my ultimate hair goal, now what is your ultimate hair goal?


  1. I am on the same page with you. I had to cut aout 6 inches of hair due to damage. I am starting fresh. Moisture seems to be the culprit for me as well. I have been learning a lot about nurturing my hair( water , sealing and protective styles). My goal is to reach the Bra Strap Length as long long hair is not in my

  2. Waist length is what I think I want most of the time. I just really want twists and a twist out that hangs to arm pit length when shrunken. With the shrinkage I have that might be knee length, I don't know! But when I think about the detangling time and maintenance it takes to reach and keep that length I start thinking bra strap is just fine :-)

  3. @Tinuke: It sucks doesn't it? Girl you never know what your hair potential might be! Just keep nurturing it and it will flourish :)

    @Maed2Prosper: Word! I feel you. I say waist length too and remember those days I cried with 10 inches of hair lol!

    Thank you both for stopping by :)

  4. Ooooh, me too, me too! I'm shooting for waist length as well - as part of a vendetta/competition with my mum!
    I'm trying with the protective styling, but with uni, it's so haaaaard!

    But I'ma keep on trucking - thank you for being an inspirtation! ^_^

  5. i want my hair to grow to my waist and it is 2 my bra starp right now i have stooped using my straightner 2 prevent damage and i try 2 take care of my hair as much as possible :))



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