Sunday, August 15, 2010

Woo Hoo! My First Set of Box Braids in Over a Year!!!!!

Hey ya'll!  I know I have been missing in action!  Lo siento!

  I have been messing with my hair a little bit too much lately.  Bad Ms-gg, I know.  I took down these twists right here almost two weeks ago. In these pictures below, the twists are one week old as shown in the original post.

click here to see the original post with these twists.

Why?  Well after I washed my hair it was a wrap after week one.  After almost four years of being natural, I still  have a hard time remoisturizing my hair after I wash it when it is in a style.  Why I don't know?  Probably because my hair is so porous, coarse, and dense!  It requires more product than I estimate and I am still learning the best way to pump it back into my hair.  But when I do it is going to be game on!

And that is a issue I want to slightly go off topic to touch on real quick.  A lot of times after the bc, new naturals become frustrated because they don't have their routines down within a month or two of being natural.  I am four years into this thing almost (what am I on, day 1420?)  and I am STILL trying to adjust and learn my hair needs.  It just doesn't work like that.  Take the time to get to know your hair, and everything else will fall into place.

Okay, enough of that PSA stuff, back to the new 'do.  So I took those twists down, and put in a new set.  I wore those for about a week (sorry, no documentation), then I took those down and now here I am in my first set of braids since about June 2009.

   You know your hair is getting longer when you can start wearing braids again!  After all of my unnecessary trimming, my hair is currently 3-4 inches long.  I will make a post about this later, but I think for a while, I am going to try just doing the "search and destroy method" of hair maintenance exclusively to "trim" my hair.  No more bimonthly haphazard, self destructive trimming unless it is to even up my hair.  

Now, I will admit, I am a hair twisting queen.  I wear twists more than any other natural hairstyle hands down.  They are so easy to put in, they are one of the fullest looking protective styles, they are easy to take out (as long as you don't have any major tangles or hair knotting or matting), and they are cute as all get out.

But I love braids too!  I love them because once you put them in, you are less likely to take them out, and if you ever did a set, you know why lol.  They are a little bit more challenging to take out, parting them can take longer, and they get fuzzier a lot less than twists.  They are also more durable.  If I wanted to, I could wash them everyday and they are less likely to unravel on my short hair.  I could easily go a month or longer with a set of braids and I have done that before.

So far, nothing but mad love for these braids!  I am not happy about the middle parting, but I am too lazy to redo them and no you will not see what I am talking about because it is a hot flaming mess! lol   

I want these set to last a month but they probably aren't going to lol.  I want to shoot for about 3 weeks (21 days).   If I can make it to 3 weeks, then I might try to squeeze another week out of them.  One of the benefits of letting a style last a whole month is that when you go to take your hair out, you instantly have another .5 inches of hair if you grow .5 inches of  hair a month.  So when you go to do another style, you have a whole lot more hair to work with than you did 30 days ago.  I love that!

That's it for now, thank you for stopping by and take care!



  1. Your hair is so gorgeous. It's hard not to come to your site and start getting envious. LOL. I think I might be able to try twists or box braids myself in another month or two. It would be nice to have an extra .5 an inch of hair after every style. :)

  2. Your braids look really, really nice.

  3. @SoulfulSista: thanks hunny! Girl you know your hair is FAB-U-LOUS!!!

    @Manecoarse thank you so much!!!!

  4. Ms-gg Your hair is looking fabulous. I agree with you on the advantages of braiding. I myself currently have braids too. I am not sure if I will keep for a month but I 'll see

  5. Hey Tinuke! All mayne, braids are some of the best things since sliced bread! The only thing I hate is the take down! Ugh! So not fun!

  6. Hey, Excellent and Adorable Short Box Braided Haircut. Thanks For Shared This Ideas.

  7. I Liked Box Braid Hairstyle. Thanks For Sharing Box Braid Hair Cut Pictures.



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