Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Five Tips For Your Natural Hair This Winter

Here are a few of my hair tips that you may find helpful this winter for your natural hair:

1)As the temperature gets colder, consider wearing more protective hairstyles like twists, braids, cornrows, flat twists and bantu knots.

  Try to limit wearing your hair in "out" styles such as afros, twist outs and braid outs. It is okay to wear these hairstyles occasionally, but you may find these styles to be a little bit dryer since the dew point is lower (the dew point is responsible for how much moisture is in the air).

I personally like wearing protective styles more in the winter because it makes it easier for me to moisturize my hair as needed and make sure that all of my hair is fully saturated with product. 

2)When the temperature is really cold, you may want to also start wearing some type of protective covering over your hair.  I usually wear a snood during the winter. Sometimes I leave my edges exposed and sometimes I cover all of my hair under the snood to protect all of my hair.  It just depends on the look you are going for.

3)For extra moisture, consider wearing a shower cap underneath of your winter hat.  I like doing this when I am out and about running errands.  You can call it the new school jherri curl method.  You guys remember how back in the day you would see people out and about (in public) with shower caps on their hair (thinking they are styling and profiling), trying to "preserve the curl?" Those processed curls needed that steam created from the shower cap so that their hair wouldn't peace out!  Well, if nothing else better came out of the jherri curl era, this shower cap method did!  I just make sure to still look cute while doing it though by wearing my shower cap under my hat.  Shower caps were never in style. 

4)If you are going to wear a hat, make sure that you wear a satin or silk covering to protect your hair from the hat.  The goal of wearing the hat is to act as a barrier from the elements, but you want to wear a satin or silk scarf under the hat to protect your hair from the hat as well, especially if that hat is made out of wool.

5)And this leads me into my next tip, if you are wearing a cute wool coat this winter, please make sure you are wearing a scarf to protect your hair from rubbing against the wool coat.

 If I were to wear this coat this fall, I would not allow my hair to rub up against my scarf at all, but I am really anal like that now.  However, if you were to take 1 of the 2 lesser evils I would suggest wearing the scarf rather than nothing at all with a wool coat.

These are all of the tips I have at the current moment.  If I have any more tips to share I will make sure to drop them your way!



  1. great tips! thanks for sharing. take care.


  2. Thank you for sharing! Love the hair!



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