Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Twist Out

Happy black Friday!  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! 

I enjoyed mine.  My day started when I woke up, took my silk scarf off of my head, looked in the mirror, and gave myself the stank face.  No way was I wearing those 8 day old twists on Thanksgiving! I just wasn't feeling it. Those twists had to go!

I unleashed the fro early in the morning on Thanksgiving day (is 11:30 early?). As usual, I coated my fingers with oil.  Today I chose sweet almond oil and coconut oil.  I took down each twist and separated them into the two separate parts.  I wasn't really caring about frizz as I undid them either.   After I was finished taking down my twists I then seperated each of the two sections even further. 

My mother, my sister, her friend and I were going to Golden Corral for our dinner.  My mother says she is 71 years old and she has been cooking since she was 6 and she is done!  Fend for yourself in the buffet line at Golden Coral!

The cameraman was MIA today so all I have is a shot of the print of my dress.  Yeah....*clears throat* I tried mayne.  I tried.

These heels were made for walking....

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Weekend.



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