Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Throwback April 2009

For Easter I did a twistout from big ole twists.

The twists took somewhere between 2-2.5 hours to do....something I could not say not even 4 months ago....

I did the twists with my trusty world of curls curl activator gel and experimented by added a little kurly kinky pudding or whatever the crap is called....also some people never learn.  You see that color in my hair.  Did I not learn in 2006 that color is not my best friend!  Get it together G!

My Easter Outfit:

Can't beat the price- 13.00 with a 30% employee discount! Oh yeah! $1 for the flower, bracelet free from Mama's Boutique!  Who said you can't be cute on a budget?  Tell them come holla at me!


  1. girl this is feirce!!! i love it sooooo bad!!! xxxx

  2. Your twist out look fabulous girl and that outfit is fierce!
    You look absolutely beautiful
    Take care.



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