Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Throwback March 2009

I watched the wire season 4on dvd courtesy of Circuit City GOOB sale and twisted my hair up...I wasn't feeling the fro, too dry and crispy....(um yeah, so this pic sucks really bad!!)

New style:

So after a braid out or two (sorry, my camera was acting a fool!) a color highlight (um yeah....we can talk about that later lol) I did flat twists in the front with a braid out/twis tout (depending on my mood) in the back. Something different....

 After I flat twisted my hair and twisted the ends of my flat twists, I then flat twisted the loose ends of the flat twists and held them down with a small butterfly clip.

Later that week:

the back is all twisted up.  I also removed that little butterfly clip and gathered all the ends of the flat twists and secured it with a rectangular black clip.

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