Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot Oil and Braidouts Part II

If you missed out on the last post, you can catch up on what happened here:  Click Me to Catch Up!

And the Beat Goes On:

After I finished taking down my braids, and looked in the mirror, I saw this:

Do you see that crap?!?!?  Clumps of product in my braidout!  Some combination of products that I used last night was not compatible.  It wasn't the burnt sugar pomade mixed with my beloved world of curls because I used that almost all over my hair and these product clump balls were only concentrated to a few areas. I think it was the shine and define mixed with either aloe vera gel or world of curls.  Next time I am going to leave it out and see what happens.

I would have tried to get it out, but I was in a hurry, and I prayed it didn't look as bad as I thought it did.  Womp womp!  So yeah, please keep this in mind as you view these pics (pretend like it isn't there lol!).  I saw just how visible it was when I took these pics, too embarrassing:

Blew it up so you could see the product that clumped together in my braidout!  URGH!

Clumping product straight cramped my style something serious....

Stupid crap ruined my braidout!

My Final Verdict on the Burnt Sugar Pomade

Despite the product clumping, my hair was really really soft.  And trust me, with my fickle non-cooperative fro that is saying a whole lot.  So I would definitely recommend not only hot oil treatments, but I would recommend the burnt sugar pomade by Oyinhandmade as well. And let me reiterate again: I do not believe the burnt sugar pomade is what clumped, it probably was the shine and define.  And the shine and define probably doesn't do that alone.  So don't let my experience effect your decision to try it.  I just used the wrong combo with it.  I will try it again later.  As far as the burnt sugar pomade, I don't know how well it works alone, but I like it as a companion piece with my moisturizer.  It is some decent stuff.

How I Plan to Get Rid of the Product Clumpage

I will retwist my hair tonight, and maybe lightly dampen it with aloe vera juice (maybe).  I will not add any more product to it, that will be overkill.  I will give you the final run down tomorrow as an update.

Next Update:

The Tangle Teezer Review I promised.
Edited: It's up!


  1. I think the Shine & Define might have been the white clump culprit. I tried that stuff once on my edges in the front to freshen up a bun, and an hour later it was flake city-- in the area where I'd applied it. Besides, I don't have a scalp condition or dandruff normally, so it was definitely the Shine & Define. I've been too afraid to try the product again, ever since.

  2. clumps of product or not your hair is always gorgeous.

  3. Wow, that is crazy, that happened to you too?! And I have heard so many positive things about it too!

    I'm with you sis... I think I will use mine as lotion lol....

  4. Thanks SoulfulSista, you are always too kind <3

  5. Shine and Define alone has never done me wrong but I just used the trial size and never repurchased because I like Aloe Vera Gel and the whipped pudding and burnt sugar together. Oyin products are very nice and not that expensive. Love the honey hemp. The Burnt sugar is wonderful for twisting and defining... no need for define and shine. Love your hair always Ms-gg

  6. Yeah, I really liked the Burnt Sugar and aloe vera gel is definitely a staple of mine. I might try the Shine and Define again in the future....

    Thank you so much <3



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