Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Give the Tangle Tease Two Thumbs.....

 So like I said in the last post, I went to Sally's and bought the Tangle Tease the very next day.  I search the whole store for that comb and could not find it until I went to the very front and looked at an end cap display located near the register.  There were two left: pink and black.  I wanted the pink one!  They come in a clear rectangular box, and claim they are "ideal for all hair types" and "gentle."

So I got the tangle teaser all the way back to my house, sat on my couch, opened the box and looked at the Tangle Teaser.  The shape of the thing reminds me of those ped eggs:

Just big and awkward.

Sorry this pic sucks, but I hope you get the idea.  This is one big, awkward hair tool.

Please, somebody tell me why does a comb have to be shaped like a sliced oval especially since unlike the the Ped Egg, where nasty crusty foot scrapings are trapped in the hidden compartment, there is no hidden compartment on the Tangle Teezer to trap shed hair?

See look, perfect round shape for loose shed hair to fall.  I need to get on their product development team.  Hire a sister!

   Hmm..maybe they need to get on that idea....

Anyway, my hair was in twists at the time:

 I was willing to take down a few twists just to test it out.  But before any hair gizmo or gadget goes anywhere near my labor of love it has to pass my scratch test.  I always take whatever device whether it be a comb or hair barrette and scrape it against my arm or finger to test how jagged it is.  If it is smooth, then I will use it on my hair.  If it scratched me, it doesn't go anywhere near my hair.

So I look the teezer up and down, and notice that some of the teeth are not that smooth and well made. To some people this may not be a big deal, but I am spoiled by my seamless comb.  The ends of the tangle teezer could have been smoother and  at least rounded, but no, it looks like they took a knife and just cut straight across them and left blunt edges.

So I took the teezer and scraped it against my arm.  I yelled out, "aww heyall naw!" and packed the comb back up in the box, threw it in the bag with the receipt. It took about 30 minutes for the sting of that comb to completely wear off.   Too rough for me.  I'll stick with my magic star jumbo rake comb if I need something to detangle with. In the end, I give the Tangle Tease two thumbs down.  I am not even going to try to use that thing on my hair....


  1. That's a good technique to determine if something is too jagged to use on hair. I'm particular like that as well.

  2. Wow...I was awaiting your review. I saw another YTer that said the exact same thing as you. She stated the blunt ends were too rough, but she however didnt do a skin test. She did say she was taking it back to Sally's tho...
    I just didnt think those mini teeth would make for smooth detangling on afro textured hair. Thanks for sharing!

  3. @Carmen: Girl, that is another thing! There are too many teeth on that comb for me! It makes the denman look like a wide tooth comb :O

    @Tessa: Absolutely, you have to be! It doesn't take much to damage hair :(

  4. I totally do the same thing. If it hurts my skin then no thank you! Just by looking at the comb (too many teeth, the teeth are tooooo thin, no handle etccc) I already decided against it. Call me a critic but I am particular about combs right now :p
    Thanks for sharing though!


  5. lol i never thought to use things against my arm.

  6. I absolutely love love your twists in this post!!! Were they twisted wet? Oh, the tangle teezer scares me .. dunno if I will be using it!!!!

  7. @Mowinona:

    Thanks! Yes, they were done on wet hair :)

  8. I don't understand a skin test. The hair is a completely different surface than skin and is meant to go between the bristles of the brush. It seems like you were trying to find a reason not to like this brush. I hope you do try it again as my 4b hair sings its praises. You didn't even try it on hair before returning it? I hope you give it another chance someday :)

  9. Hi Anonymous :) Thank you for your response. I do understand that the hair and skin are two completely different surfaces, and that is the reason why I conduct a skin test first. My hair cannot feel how rough something is, but the nerves on my arm can.

    My hair is very dense and the tiny teeth on the comb combined with the rough surface of the teeth would damage my hair. I am glad that it works well for you, actually quite jealous, but if the denman did not work for me, I know the tangle teezer is a definite no go.

    Thanks again for your input :)

  10. lol @ the skin test. I also use it for my brushes.

    Thanks for the review. I guess every head is truly different because I have heard nothing but great things about this product.

    How much did it cost? I'm thinking of giving away one on my channel.

  11. Yeah, I have too! It is just a little too rough for my taste :(

    They cost around $10, not bad at all....heck, maybe I should give mine away too lol!

  12. The denman ripped my hair out, but I lose very little hair with the tangle teazer. It was the best $10 I every spent. I love my magic star jumbo rake, and I use it first, but it doesn't get the shed hairs out.

  13. That is a good point. The MSJR is not good for getting the shed hairs out. You all are going to make me actually try this thing out but those seamed uneven teeth are scaring me lol!!!

  14. I am so glad that you posted this. I have seen reviews and this product in Sally's but I wasn't sold on it. This just seals the deal! I will have to def check into getting a bone comb or seamless comb. Off to read your review on Magic Star Jumbo Rake



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