Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Growing Right on Along!

I'm still a little salty about my 2 inch setback in September, but I'll live:

This is why I suggest that if you are on a healthy hair journey, keep a picture diary so you can track your growth.  You don't have to straighten out your hair to do a length check.  All you need to do to track growth is compare your hair in the exact same hairstyle over the course of several months.  Notice if your hair is touching different body parts over time.   Was your twist once touching your eyebrow, now it is touching the tip of your nose?  Those little indicators let you know if your hair is growing or not. 

If you are on a healthy hair journey, are you keeping track of your growth?  If so what things have you been noticing lately? 


  1. Yes your hair is growing nicely!!!
    I also like comparing old photos but I normally pull on strands and see where it reaches. I compare the same strands and see what has changed!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your hair is growing along nicely, and soo thick and full!! Love it!!



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