Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are You Experiencing Any of These Hair Growth Journey Symptoms?

Have you recently went from this:

Said if I got just a little bit more growth, just a little bit to twist with, I would be happy.  So then you got to this:

And said, maybe if I got a little bit more growth, maybe some hair to my eyebrows, I would be happy.  So then you got to this:

And said, well, maybe if I had enough hair that when I did a twist out, it would frame my face a little bit better.  So then you got to this:

And you were still unhappy and lusting after more sun blocking hair that is thicker, longer and fuller?  If these symptoms describe you or someone you know, then you may be suffering from a condition called Natural Hairexia. 

Natural Hairexia is a condition that effects many women with natural hair who frequent online hair forums, youtube videos, fotkis and blogs. 

The current treatment for Natural Hairexia is as followed:

  • Get plenty of rest and take some time away from following the journey of others. Focus on your own goals
  • Acceptance.  Accept your hair for what it is.  It may not be as thick, as long, as curly, or as shiny as the next natural hair chick, but it is your hair whether you like it or not.  Everybody wants what they cannot have.  So take a moment and reflect on the positive qualities about your hair, the length of your hair, and be happy for the growth that you have achieved thus far. 

And remember, your hair is beautiful just the way it is.


  1. I'm suffering from this big time! I'm still in the twa phase --- I have close to 4inches of hair. I feel as if I'm in that gawky stage. UGH!

  2. Hi....My name is Natural Empress and I am a Natural Hairexi. I'm improving though

  3. LOL!!! This is the cutest entry ever and it's so true.

  4. You spoke to me Ms. G-G especially about the twistout framing my face more LOL... I loved this!

  5. LOL,yes! Tt is so easy to fall into this.



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