Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Make Your Twist Outs Stretch

This is just one of a few different techniques that I use to make my twist outs last longer and stay stretched on my natural hair.  This method helps to reduce shrinkage and knotting that is often associated with wearing your hair out of protective styles, especially for us in the 4a/b category.     

For this method you will need:

  • An oil of your choice.  I used sweet almond oil.
  • A pack of cotton scrunchies from the little kids section of the beauty supply store.
  • A moisturizing hair spray


Grab a section of hair and secure it with a scrunchy.  I usually place the band somewhere close to the ends of my hair, but not directly on my ends.  I want to keep the twist out pattern intact and I have found that placing the bands directly on the ends can mess up the twist out.

You also don't want to make it too big or too small.  I believe I had a total of about 15 sections.  This whole process took maybe 5 minutes.

  What I like about doing this is that I can sleep on my hair and my hair is not smooshed in the morning.  Also, it is much quicker than rebraiding and retwisting the hair every night and undoing them in the morning.  I am all about simplicity and my sleep!

  After you have taken your beauty nap, the next day, rub a small amount of oil onto your hands and begin to take down your scrunchies.  It took me all of 20 seconds to do this.

   Next lightly reshape your hair back into the cute twist out style it was in yesterday.  Gently pull at coils to elongate any sections of hair that has a weird shape due to the scrunchies.

  After I am done reshaping my hair, I take my moisturizing spray and mist my hair lightly.  Then I shake my hair. 

  I do not touch my hair while it is wet or damp because that causes frizzing and loss of definition.

And here is my third day twist out:

Comparison Shots TYPO error:

see correction below

On the left is the third day, the right is the second day.

(yeah, so let me go ahead and apologize for these lackluster shots.  See what had happened was my neighbors came outside and I got all camera shy so I was stuck with all of these bad shots because I had to go to work.  Mmm hmm.  True story)

Still as fresh as yesterday!  Click here to see more pics of how it looked yesterday.   

So I hope this tip helps someone and let me know if you tried it and it worked (or come back and fuss at me if it didn't lol).  Take care!


  1. wow! Your hair is looking great!
    Nice method! Thanks for sharing sis!

  2. Yes indeed, those curls are poppin Miss and I love how full your hair is. I'm going to have to try this method, maybe I can expand my twists outs a little farther. Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. I love your site. I just came across it because I'm frustrated with my lack of success when it comes to dealing with my natural hair. I mean, my twists NEVER look that good and full and my twist outs look even worse. Siiiiigh. I'll just keep looking for tips but I wanted to say you look great! :)

  4. The BOMB.COM!!! *blushes*
    Im gonna let the Africans do my hair in this style :)



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