Sunday, March 27, 2011

Style Files: Twist Out

I put in some mini twists on March 14th (sorry no pics).  Then I got bored and tired of them real quick. 

So I took those mini twists out on March 24th.

Now I want to present to you my second day twist out:

This pot over here is steaming just a little bit...

(Check out pictures of my November 2010 twistout)

I plan to rock this bad boy until Tuesday then I'm going to put some more twists back in.  Stay tuned for some tips on how to make your twist outs stretch.


  1. I adore your hair, come twist mine!

  2. Your Twist out is soooo pretty! Your hair looks so thick!

  3. Very pretty... I am going to put my twists back in tonight!

  4. Woah! Burriful twist out! You must have done the twists really small. I've never seen 4a (??) hair so thick! Love it.



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