Sunday, March 27, 2011

Words of encouragement for your hair journey

If it isn't one thing it's another right?  You thought you had your entire natural hair routine down to a "t" and then your hair starts flaking on you.  Been there, done that.  I've had so many setbacks over the years it ain't even funny.  Take a look see:

Color/transitioning hair setback of 2007:

Incomplete splits/waiting too long to detangle my hair setback of 2009:

From this

To this

To this:

So if you are looking for a shoulder to lean on during your natural hair journey then you have found the right sister over here.  I can relate.

As a kid, I never had super long hair, and it wasn't until I went natural that I believed that I could ever achieve it.  After each setback, I got more and more discouraged.   But I know that with each setback I can make a comeback.  And you can too.  Learn why your hair is breaking, why you are getting split ends, why your hair is knotting and make a change for the better.

Don't get caught up in what the next natural hair chick is doing and comparing your progress to hers.  Focus on your own hair.  Yes there are some people who got it right on the first try, but there are many more of us who have been at it for years.  That is why this thing is called a "natural hair journey," because it truly is a path that is unique to each individual based on your own hair needs.  You may not get a solid hair routine down until your second or third year natural, and that is okay.  There is nothing wrong with you or your hair.  

So don't beat yourself up.  As long as you are willing to work for it, you will learn how to master your hair.  Don't give up or throw in the towel.



  1. Such an encouraging blog! I felt so bad when I got heat damage because it felt like everyone was having so much success and I had just fried my hair but I worked through it and now my hair is even better than it was before. Proof you should just keep going despite your pit falls and hurdles!

  2. Great post! It is definitely a journey full of ups and downs, but well worth the effort!

  3. @Nia: I agree 100%!

    @ChitownGirl: Yes it is! I never knew it would be such an adventure but it sure has been fun as I look back over my own!

  4. Ms Gg your Rock! Needed this too thats why going into my second year is going to rock because I have learned so much about keeping my hair mouistured but still working on the products end and may have to revisit some but I Defintely will be protective styling more and DC'ing and locking in that moisture.

  5. Thanks Ms-gg, I've been natural going on 7 years and I still don't have it like I would like to but Im still not givig up. I most honestly say alot of it is due to heat and wearing braids to long because Im to lazy to take them out: your hair is beautiful and thanks again from me and everyone else who's still trying to get it right. Have a BLESSED day :)



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