Saturday, April 16, 2011


This was me yesterday:

 I wore the whole twist and flat twist style a total of 16 days before I took it down.  I could have rocked it for another week but I was ready for a change.


  1. too cute!! Love it!!

  2. Did u wash ur hair at all during the 16 day period?

  3. Thanks for the love ya'll! :)

    @Tinuke: No. I don't wash my hair while it is styled anymore because it just makes tangling and matting worse for me. I probably will wash it sometime next week though :)

  4. Hi Ms-gg,
    Your hair is so dense and beautiful. As long as your not putting a bunch of Gunk in your hair there is no need to wash it. That is how I see it. If using products that absorb naturally instead of building up and clogging follicles or irritating the scalp, you can go for a while. A good spritz and seal is all you need and keep rocking it. Love your hair and I try to rock my wash and goes the same way... get the most out of your styles by letting your hair and scalp tell you what need to be done. Not just because "I always wash my hair on Wednesday". Even washing can be an addiction. That is a low manipulation style and therefore, good for retaining!

  5. Love the look! It also looks nice and moisturized.

  6. @Vetsnatural Thanks for the luv <3
    Yeah, I don't wash my hair often because I use mostly water soluble ingredients that do not cause buildup so dirty hair is not really a problem for me. I agree with you and thanks for stopping by and replying!

    @Quianaforever: Thanks hun! Take care :)



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