Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Braid Comparison

May 2011 versus August 2010

This is including a 2 inch trim back in September due to too much protein. I'm actually thinking about riding out the rest of the year in braids, but I know when I start taking these things down next month I am going to vow to never put braids in my hair again.  I ain't even going to play myself like that.

Welp. hope you had a lovely holiday weekend!

See ya,



  1. Your hair is growing nicely. I love braids too. They are so easy to manage.

  2. Thanks luv! They really are. They are so durable and they don't frizz as bad or as quickly as twists.

  3. I do twists all the time, but I never do braids. You make them look good, I might have to try it! lol

  4. If you do let me know! Thanks for the love and thanks for stopping by! :)



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