Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dang, Fotki Putting a Ninja on Blast

Can't even stalk hair pics on the low  :/

Quick question: are you all still using fotki on the regular?  It seems like Fotki is a ghost town nowadays.  I remember when fotki use to be the go to site for natural hair pics at one time.  Now it seems like everyone has moved on.

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  1. LOL. Too funny. I've kind of abandoned my fotki (NewlyNaturalAgain). I think most people started using other sites after the whole virus and computer crashing scare last winter. Plus with all of the picture stealing as of late, people are being uber cautious now days. I need to update though. I have tons of pics, just being lazy.

  2. I agree. I think Fotki actually killed my other computer in 2009 :/

    Picture stealing is no joke! People are ruthless...

  3. Yeah, I haven't updated my Fotki since...*heads over to Fotki album*...June 2009.

    It just became too much of a hassle for me. I have a blog and YouTube that are easier to maintain (for me) and more fun to view (for readers/subscribers).

  4. I hear ya'll. Fotki needs a serious facelift so that it can become more interactive and easier to use like facebook. They were one of the first to start an interactive site, but they got left behind and never continued to be more innovative.

    I have a hard time letting go but I think it is time...



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