Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Four and We Still On

Main mission is to keep my hair stretched out like Gumby, I could care less about a "defined twistout."

Don't get me wrong, defined twist outs are pretty too, but I'm not going to be mad if it looks more like a regular fro by the end of the week.  Ya know?

A lot of times I get the feeling that some naturals are afraid of wearing their hair undefined.  In order to rock their hair out it has to have some kind of curl or coil.

Curls and coils are pretty, but I think that we shouldn't be afraid to embrace all of the different characteristics of our hair.  Undefined hair is purty too! :)

"Why you scurred to rock your afro for?"

To keep my hair stretched out, I first spritz it with a little aloe juice to make my hair a little bit more pliable, then I add a little moisture (right now I am using Hairveda's whipped ends cream). Next I just put the biggest twists I can into my hair and sleep.

I use to just let my twist out morph into a tightly coiled shrunken fro during the week back in the day, but I learned over the years that  that is a recipe for disaster.  Whenever I did this I would end up with single strand knots galore and tangles out the ying yang.  Yeah, not worth it.  Thank God I have pics of my shrunken hair to look back at because I will never do that to my hair again.

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