Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Foreign Exchange and a Familiar Hairstyle

Stayed up late washing and twisting my hair into medium sized twists, a little bit smaller than the first set, then I had to be at work at 9am the next day.

After work, I beat the heck outta this mug of mine:

 pulled out my Good Clothes Little Brother style (what you know about that 5th & Fashion? Better call your ninja ooooh), pank wooden earrings and makeup and I was ready to rock out to some Foreign Exchange EM Rock and Roll!

Oh yeah, I took the honey dip along for the ride too.  Yep.

So nice we did it twice- what you know about that Musiq Soulchild?

He cleaned up pretty goodt too my Lord  smiley icons

Anyways, here is a better shot of my hair.  It turned out pretty darn good for a rush job.  I rushed to put them in and I rushed to take them down. I used a little sweet almond oil on my fingers to take my twists down.  And instead of being adventurous with new products, I just stuck to my trusty faithful tried and true Worlds of Curls and some Aloe vera gel. 

Bug!!!  Wanna see me run faster than Flo Jo?  Tell me there's a bug on me.  I'll be out like the gout.

So here is the venue, a little spot in Richmond:

The Foreign Exchange said this was their first outdoor concert for the Authenticity tour.

The concert was supa dope too.  Outdoor concerts are the best!

Great music of course from FE, they did a mix of songs from all three of their albums, plus they mixed in some old school songs too.

And Phontigallo is a cool cat and let me tell you why: what artist do you know after rocking a 2 hour straight show is going to do a signing afterwards?  That's why I love FE/LB.  Real, down to earth people who keep it real.

Keeping it 100 hundred with the Doles lmbo.  Not even in a cup though.  Ninja said screw yo cup I want the whole can:

If you don't know who they are you are def missing out!  Go to youtube right now, right now I say, and type in "Foreign exchange Maybe She'll Dream of Me"

Matter of fact here you go:

Maybe She'll Dream of Me video by Foreign Exchange on Youtube

Don't say I never gave you anythang

One Love,

What's Next:
You know the companies are watching us when..... 


  1. Beautiful hair and love your makeup!


  2. Your hair and face were on point. And your right, if you don't know WHO Foreign Exchange is... your missing out. My favorite is the Connected CD. I heart it to death. That first intro song...omg "Thank you for the sunshine, thank you for the clouds. Thank you for my yesterday, thank you for right now".... (somewhat in that order). My hands are in the air fist pumping. I love them. People also sleep on Darien Brockington that sings on a couple of tracks. He is fab. A slow song called Beautiful- is off the chain. You got me hyped, where's my CD lol

  3. Thanks Chica!! Girl yes! I love every intro song so much!!! You are right about Darien B. My favorite song by him is Come Around. That is my joint!

    Now you got me searching for my cd lol!!!

  4. Girl, I'm on you tube now..... the music on those tracks are HOTTT... "Good people, good lovin', good music in my life makes me happy" OMG... Phonte is the *ish. I am a HUGE music lover. Especially from artist that don't get air play. Eric Robenson, Raheem DeVaughn, Wes Felton, Algebra, Liv Warfield girl the list goes on. Search Liv Warfied I decided live on you tube (type in exactly) Make sure it's at Sugar Hill Underground ATL.. and tell me how you like that. It's a slow song, but I love it.

  5. I def will girl! I'mm always on the lookout for some good music! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. @Vanessa: That song is dope! Thanks for hooking me up!



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