Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School is OUT

And finally had enough time to do something to this head of mine.  I was looking ruff!!!

SN:  Did well this semester: three A's, 2 B's....God it goodt!

Not that I like this any better right about now, but it sho was better than what I had! 

Notice anything weird attached to my dome?  Mmmm hmm, yeah you ain't seeing thangs, that is a leopard/cheetah/some kind of scary cat print shoe string on my head!

Just clipped my ends very lightly too.  First trim since September 2010 (8 months without a trim).

Plan:  I am itching to take these twists out as I type this up.  Like forreal.  But I really want a twist out for Sunday.  The Foreign Exchange is coming to town and I want a big banging twist out for the concert.  Let me tell you, I cannot wait!  Hopefully by then I will have a better cam so I can take some footage.  Hopefully...

Alright ya'll



  1. Congrats on making it through another semester, sis :-)

    I've been done since Thursday and although I'd like to say that I've accomplished so much, I've basically been sitting around on my behind relaxing lol

  2. Thanks girl! Same to you! Yeah, I have been doing pretty much the same thing too lol! But this summer I have made it my mission to start my youtube channel rolling. I have been putting it off for too long....

  3. congrats on the good grades...Im jealous that u are going to see FE!


  4. Thanks Chica! Girl,I still can't believe I am actually going. I need to stop playing around and buy my ticket now before I get turned away at the door. I would be pissed!!!!

  5. It is absolutely wonderful being out of school...unfortunately I am in summer school...Question: how do you get tour twists to look so fluffy full and nice looking? What's your secret? Lol

  6. Yes it is! I think Imma have to go to if I want to graduate ever anytime this lifetime lol.

    I really don't do anything special, I think I just have a lot of hair so it fluffs up like that lol. But thanks for the love though.

    Oh, something else I like to do is twist on wet or damp hair. That may help your hair to plump up some :)



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