Monday, May 23, 2011

Test Drove My Twistout on Friday

I flipping couldn't make it until Sunday wearing those busted twists another day so I took them down on Friday.  Good grief.  I don't have any pics of how those joker janks looked on day seven but trust me when I say I was looking right rough. I wore those twists for a total of seven days. Not bad.   Here are the results:

 To take down my twists, I just coated my fingers lightly with coconut oil and gently unraveled my twists starting at the bottom.  I made sure my ends were coated in the coconut oil and my hair magically separated into the two separate strands and it was easy as pie from there.

I used a new product, a twisting cream from Mozeke (Babassu Twisting Cream) and I also used a little bit of Oyin burnt sugar pomade.  Something made my twists look a little dusty.

I'm not going to blame either product because I can't pin point which one it was, but one of the two left my hair looking chalky.  That's why I hate trying out new products or techniques right before a special event: you never know how the end result will be.  It's always a gamble so I try not to do it too often.  But I will say this though: between my Worlds of Curls and the Oyin and Mozeke, my hair was feeling goodt! 

So yeah, I took the twists down Friday, Foreign Exchange concert on Sunday....that was smart.  I didn't know if I wanted to put in more twists on Saturday to take down on Sunday or to just put some twists in and keep them in.

Random as heck: old but new to you butterfly hair clip. Yo!  Remember when these were hot in the late 90's?  I'm still stuck in the 90's because I loved it so much so I'm trying to bring these back with everything else.  Don't hate.

I'm outie (more 90's slang for ya, I see you giving me the side eye) 

What's Next:
Foreign Exchange Concert Flix next on deck
And also a new transitioning product for people who are considering going natural that will make you go hmmmm.....

Much Love,


  1. Your hair is always an explosion of texture and I love it!

  2. Beautiful twist-out! Love the butterfly clip!

  3. Thanks for the love ya'll :D

  4. I agree your twist outs are always....fabulous!

    Take care,


  5. Lovelayyy!!

  6. Love the twistout but imma have to deduct some "Cool Points" for that butterfly clip, lol. JJk




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