Monday, May 30, 2011

Think outside of the box braid

You remember that twist out fro I was rocking all last week?  Maaaaayne all that daggone hair got HOT real quick!  They claim that our hair grows up and out to protect our hair from the hot African sun way back in the day. 

You see them sweat beads on my forehead?  I don't know what they are talking about or if "they" have ever wore a fro before because the only thing all this hair on head does is make me hot!  I'm going to need for them to reexamine that theory.

All I know is that hot fro had to go!  As always, I got inspiration in the middle of the night to style my hair .  I started braiding my hair around 10:30 pm and finished at 4ish in the morning.  I saw Simon Haley enlist into WWI and finished up with Alex Haley saying, "You ole African! I found you! Kunta Kinte! I found you!"   Basically it took me almost half a century to finish.  

Products used:
Worlds of curls curl activator gel
aloe vera gel

Something new:
I didn't part straight across this time.  I just grabbed small pieces and braided my hair. Didn't even look at the back of my hair as I was parting out pieces.  I like this method way more than parting rows straight across because it is less frustrating.  As far as appearance, please let me know if you disagree but I believe that it does not look messy or that bad:


  Me thinks I will be doing this from now on.  One of the main reasons I avoid box braids is because I hate trying to part my hair.  If you haven't tried grabbing and braiding sections when you do box braids I would highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Common Question I get about my braids:

How do you get the braids to curl up?
I don't know.  My braids just magically curl up like that.  I'm not lying.  Maybe I braid too tight or something but my braids naturally form a "C" shape.  The back is actually flattened out because I slept on them last night. 

Thanks for stopping by! That's all folks!!!



  1. I love it! this is a very cute style, the braids are very neat. I think by not parting the hair it looks very natural. Girl, wome buy wigs to get this look!

  2. Thanks Kiki for your opinion and the love, I really appreciate it!

    Girl, you got me thinking about those bob cut box braid wigs from the 90's :O I always thought those things were freaking ugly!

    Thanks again for stopping by :)

  3. I love braids and these look great on you. I also do not part to make my hair look fuller.

  4. This is really cute! I like the look of box braids, but I don't put them in because they're almost impossible to take out!

  5. Thanks so much! You ain't lying about the take down time. You would think that someone who just spent a whole day taking down mini twists two weeks ago would learn her lesson......

  6. your braids are simply gorgeous!!!

    i also tend to have the ends of my braids & twists curl up too!!!

    i spent a long time not liking them because I see pictures of other braid/twist-wearing naturals with perfectly straight ends and I used to wish mine was like theirs.

    i am now learning to accept my hair - with all its weirdness and uniqueness.

    : )

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  7. Hiya GG!
    Ya got me thinking about box braids for the summer!!! I've got to get over thinking that these are only for the young set.

  8. Hey Mama Cita! Yes you do ma'am because you know Ms. Napia Mia has just about abandoned her signature twists for box braids now. And we all know how dedicated she was too her twists lol.

    Thanks for stopping by and see you on Np :)

  9. Your box braids look great! I know that they take a long time to put in, but just wait until they get longer. I remember years ago when I spent 6-8 hours just to make my box braids, only to take them down a week later every time because they would never last without starting to loc up.



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