Monday, June 20, 2011

I just bought some blue magic!

And I plan on using it on my hair!  I saw it in the store and I just couldn't resist ya'll!

What?  It's still Blue Magic. :P  I'll be trying it soon.  Right now my hair is kind of occupied right now so I'll give it a twirl later this week or next week and let you know how it goes.


  1. I haven't seen a are of that stuff in ages. Are you using it on your scalp or just hair?

  2. Oh wait...I was thinking of hair grease. My bad. Carry on :-)

  3. @herkinkyhair87:

    The first application was so-so and as a result I haven't used it since (and now I have two big ole jars of this stuff) but the next time I test it out I will do an update and let you know how it is working out! HTH :D



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