Friday, October 14, 2011

Braid Outs and Twist Outs on Short Natural Hair

A lot of new naturals who have recently big chopped ask if they can do braid outs and twist outs on short natural hair.  The answer?  Uh huh!  Why not?  I know the feeling.  It seems like your options are very limited when it comes to really short hair but the truth is it isn't.

Here are a few pictures of my hair, 5 inches or less in a twist out or braid out:

rinsed twist out 2007

Braid Out  2007

Braid Out 2007

braid out 2007

braid out 2007

braid out 2007

Twist Out 2007

Twist Out 2007

Twist Out 2007

Twist Out With Flat Twists 2007

Summer 2007

Easter 2009

Thanksgiving 2010

Spring 2011

There are plenty of hairstyles that you can do with short natural hair.  Your choices are only limited by your own imagination.  See a natural hairstyle or even a relaxed hairstyle that you like on longer hair?

Then modify it so that you can wear it on your shorter hair.  Don't let the length of your hair hinder you from wearing a hairstyle. Just make it work for you!



  1. Love the look of the rinse twist out on the smaller twa! Used to have that length a couple of months ago, and now my twistouts look awkward.

  2. what were your steps to achieve your hairstyle in the last couple of photos?

  3. im in the awkward stage as well in i hate it lol



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