Sunday, July 17, 2011

Braided Roots Twist Out!

I wore the braided roots twists for about 11 days and got tired of them.  Well no, me and my boo were going to celebrate our 9 year anniversary and I wanted to be kind of fancy.  Well, not that braided roots twists aren't fancy, but I wanted an upgrade. 

So I took my twists out and kept the roots braided.  The plan was to wear that style for two days and to do another style.  That was Monday of last week.  Today is Sunday of the next week and I am still wearing this style! I am in love and I might just do this more often.  A video is on its way explaining all the details of how I went from having the worst time with this hair style in the past, to having now one of my favorite "out" styles ever. 

If you have been rocking with me for a minute, then you will know that I hardly ever wear my natural hair out.  Ever!  Especially not for a whole week!  Or if I did I will report back that my hair is tangled beyond belief and I curse myself out and vow to never do it again and then do it again once I get amnesia.  But I spot checked one of these braided roots twists and I must say, I do not anticipate a very bad detangling session in the future as opposed to all of my other attempts in the past.  And I will share all of that in the next video.  But for now, I just wanted to share the pictures!

Day 1

Day 2


  1. cute shades!

  2. Thank you! I picked them up at Five and Below :D

  3. The hair looks lovely! How did you maintain the twist out throughout the days? :)

  4. I got you, I got you! I will explain everything in the next video and summary about this style :D

  5. This looks gorgeous sis!!
    By the way sis, I awarded your bog a SUNSHINE award...please check it out on my blog ;)


  6. Looks great! Can't wait for the video.

  7. Your hair is beautiful young sista! I'm lost please help! ll natural did big chop inoct., 2010 for the third time idn 4 years. I find myself going back to that creamy stuff because I don't have a clue on natural hair care! seriously .. I have a cabinet of sooooo many different shampoos and conditioners it's a waste of money. I have very tighy curly hair that srinks up to my head. It's a med coarse hair mixture of my fathers soft silky very curly, wet the brush hair n my mom's very coarse kinky hair that was very full. After I use something I say this is not it. Over n over .. I have been told not to use shampoo! Please help .. over 50 and can't afford to keep walking aroung like a srunkin headed lil boy too much longer. I really want locs .. just not the ugly phase! about them. Help!



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