Saturday, July 16, 2011

Braided Roots Twist Video

If your girl only knew-what I went through, to put this up.  What "we" went through, me and the musical genius of a fiance.  Poor thing was suppose to get a new computer to make music on, then he hit a deer the day before he was going to buy it, then that weekend he got a ticket, then if it couldn't get any worse someone stole his phone where he kept his music! Terrible! 

But it is up, and I hope it is helpful!  That is all that matters. If it helps someone then it served its purpose.  One thing about me is that I do this because I want to help people.  I was lost and didn't know anything about hair almost 5 years ago.  And if it wasn't for those who shared what worked for them, helped me with the questions I had, I wouldn't even be natural right now. So I really do hope that someone somewhere finds any info that I share helpful. 


  1. Great video! For the past few years I also have been braiding my twists at the root. It helps to keep my twists in longer and makes washing or rinsing them much easier. Plus, your hair looks gorgeous!!

  2. I agree. I stopped doing it awhile ago because of bad results but I am enjoying it this time around. Thank you! :D

  3. I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that your comments and helpful hints have been very useful to me. You responded to my post on the long hair care forum about sealing my daughter's hair while maintaining PH balance. Since I received your response, I have visited your website many times and have tried the world of curls products which my daughter's hair is respnding well to -- thank goodness! Her hair is porous so I am glad that these products are working. Please keep posting advice because you are being a great help and resource. -- PWE Mom

  4. *waves* Yeeeeeah! I am so happy that it is working for your daughter's hair! :D And thanks for your kind words.



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