Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Natural Hair Wash Routine

  Hey guys! On nappturality a member wanted to know if anyone pre-poo'd their natural hair only.  If you don't know, pre-pooing is when you condition your hair before you actually wash your hair. 

  Personally, I always condition my hair after every wash because shampoos and detergents in general are designed to remove oils and other products from your hair.  Conditioners are designed to deposit some moisture back onto the hair, and to hopefully reduce the friction between your hair strands. 

  Now, the reason why I pre-poo my hair is to reduce the amount of moisture that is lost from my hair.  I use mostly water soluble hair ingredients and they do not require a use of a shampoo to remove them from my hair.

  So in theory, I really could skip the use of a shampoo altogether. I've tried this route before and it wasn't pretty.  Itchy scalp for days people.  So after a few months of trying to no-poo, I began to incorporate shampoos in my regimen again. 

  Only this time I am strictly using sulfate free shampoos because they are gentler on the hair and as I've said before, I use mainly water soluble ingredients.  Even though sulfate free shampoos are better for the hair than the sulfate variety, I still find it necessary to pre-poo my hair.

There are several ways that I pre-poo my hair:

Method 1

  I use aloe juice and coconut oil to detangle my hair most of the time. So sometimes after I am done detangling I will put a shower cap on my hair for a little while and then I proceed to shampoo my hair.
  Or sometimes I don't use a shower cap.  It All depends on how tired I am after I finish my 2 hour plus detangling session.

Method 2

  I will add coconut oil to my hair before I shampoo my hair.  Sometimes I make it a hot oil treatment by heating it in the microwave for a few seconds.  Sometimes I will add olive oil to the mix. 

  It is said that mixing more than 1 oil that can penetrate the hair is better than using one alone.  Three of my favorite oils that penetrate the hair are olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil, with coconut oil being my favorite.

My shampoo method

  Now I am not claiming to have invent this method or prepooing but here is what I do to shampoo: I will take about a tablespoon or two of shampoo (no I do not measure but this is roughly the amount that I use) and put it in a cup.

   I then take about a half cup of luke warm water and put it in the cup and swish it around until the shampoo is diluted.  At this point, my hair is already sectioned off into braided sections and secured with cotton scrunchies:

  I then take the dilute poo and pour it on my hair while I am bent over the sink.  I don't wash my hair in the shower because I hate getting in and out of the shower, drying off and all that stuff over and over again.  I would be a prune by the time I am done.

  If you want, you can take each section down and wash it really good but when I shampoo, I just focus on my scalp.  As I said before, I use to no-poo but only recently started pooing again because of not being able to effectively remove all of the buildup from my scalp.

  So when I shampoo now, I only concentrate on my scalp. I have dry hair that needs all of the moisture it can get so I don't make it a point to get my hair squeaky clean.

And speaking of squeaky clean, one thing I never do is lather twice.  No ma'am.  Lathering twice is the main reason why you get the squeaky clean feeling.  You are washing your hair and not a floor so squeaky clean should not be a priority.

  And that is pretty much my wash routine.  I then follow up with a little bit (okay a whole lotta bit) of Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle rose.  I let it sit on my hair for about 30-40 minutes with a shower cap on (or if I am being hood, I'll use a plastic bag), and for longer if I am busy (or lazy).  Rinse it off in luke warm water and I am done.

  I don't wash my hair in cold water,  I don't believe the hype about it sealing the cuticles and all that other stuff.  Rinsing my hair in cold water does nothing else except making my hair hard.  So I just wash my hair in luke warm water.

  And that's it.  No complicated other stuff.  I like to keep my routine as simple as possible.


  1. Great regimen...thanks for sharing!:))


  2. Great regimen, I like to keep it simple too. LOL, to the shopping bag, I go there sometimes too to keep from messing up all my shower caps.

  3. love the regime.

    i also used to practise the no-poo/lo-poo method and it badly damaged my hair. I had to dump it, restore my eaten up edges - lukily, my homemade oil blend brought my hair back to life and grew my edges pretty quickly.
    i finally switched to the routine of shampooing and then conditioning. Shampoos & conditioners have their own invididual purposes - one does not substitute for the other.

  4. Bonjour,
    je ne parle pas anglais mais google traduction m'aide à comprendre ton blog... que j'apprécie beaucoup. j'ai découvert une de tes video au hasard et ensuite ton blog. c'est la première page que j'ai lu et pense que je vais m'y abonner. Merci

  5. Bonjour,

    J'ai pris française au lycée mais je ne me souviens pas de tout ça. : D Merci d'avoir lu et je vais essayer d'ajouter un outil pour le blog pour le rendre plus facile à lire dans d'autres langues.

    Have a great day! I hope google translator is accurate ya'll *crosses fingers and toes*!

  6. very nice regimen! do you pree poo on dry hair or wet/damp hair?

  7. very nice regimen! I would really like to find one that fits me.. how did you do to find a regimen that works for you.. haha trial and error hein? lol oh man i thought i coulda get away from this.. lol

  8. Very simple regimen. I also try to keep my regimen very simple and it really works. How long have you been natural?

  9. Yep! Simple is always better! I've been natural for six years :D Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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