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Natural Hair Wrap Up: January 2007-June 2007

January, February and March 2007

Sometime in December of 2006, I decided to put a red semi-permanent color on my hair.  It left my hair feeling dry.  I already had permanent color on my hair and the semi-permanent was too much for my hair.  It eventually bounced back though:

Left: before the color Right: After the color.  The color made my hair feel and look weird
I ended up pulling them back with this headband.  My sister "borrowed" it and I haven't seen it since :/

I still kept experimenting with new hairstyles.  Some were hits, and others were misses.

Puff with a twist out bang. January, 2007

You ever want to know how thick my hair strands are?  Here is a shot of me showing how much hair I lost after detangling.  You see how visible my strands are in this picture?

Rinsed Twist Out.  To learn how to do it, click here.

Braids with diagonal parts and brick layer parting to look fuller

Used a headband to pull them back:

Curled the box braids.  Didn't like it too much.  But somebody else did that shocked the crap out of me.

From my January Fotki album:
It took four months but my daddy said he likes my hair like this and to take a picture for him :) The only other time he said something resembling a compliment was in October when he said, "I may not agree with the way you wear your hair, but your hair does look healthy and shiny" :) Hey....Ill take that lol.....

Twist out. I wore this to my home church.  I think this was the first I went back since I went natural:

Mini Twists:

With Flat twists in the front (March 2007)

Back of the twists.

Side view:

Braid Out

March 2007

Soon, I finally began to start loving my nappy hair! From March 2007:

When I first bc I was a little shocked and not really feeling my I am in love with them! Straighten what?  Curl who?   I guess that means  I should be having that relaxer dream soon! lol....I am about 9 days from my last relaxer anniversary.....and have absolutely NO PLANS to EVER ever ever....ever ever torture myself with that devil cream ever again....that crap is the reason why I have alopecia on my left temple (you can see it here) and caused obsessive itching and on occasion burning....and smelled like rotten eggs with ammonia...yuck!  

If I ever (which I dont have the desire to now) feel like a straightened style...then the most I will do is a hot comb or curling iron is coming near my crown!  Im still on the fence with the blow dryer.....

Top view of the braid out:

The ug: Jacked up puff

shrunken puff.  Jacked up with the back combs

April, May June 2007

Two cornrows in the front with twists:

Shrunken Puff:

On my way with me and the fam and boo to see Tyler Perry's play, "What's Done In the Dark..." live

Me and the boo:

Why Men folks always got to look hard?  At least mine does. Chill out dude.

Another braid out:

Easter braid out

June 2007

Stretched Out Fro

More picked out fro on another day. This is around the time I was fed up with how the color had changed my hair for worst.  Before I went natural, I dyed my hair and I still had some of that left.  What was left was hard and brittle.  I have never felt my hair so hard before or after this time period.  It had to go. Look how awful this picked out fro below is and how fuzzy my twists were. That is always a sign for me that something is not right with my hair.  That is why it is important to know what is normal for your own hair.

I love this shirt and don't have the slightest idea what happened to it.  I wonder did somebody throw it away... hmm....

Flat twist and twist style to see Musiq Soulchild (my first concert):

Front View:

The color really jacked my hair up. Do you see how awful the colored twists look in comparison to the virgin hair?

Later I turned it into a twist out:

Braid out puff on father's day

Last set of twists before I...

Cut my hair:

To be continued.  You can check out my Big Chop through Month 3 Here.


  1. Wow sis! You've come a mighty long way!! Love how your hair always bounces back and looks better each time! Very creative styles too! ;)
    God bless

  2. Beautiful. I want to do another big chop but the first one was too traumatizing, maybe one day.



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