Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flat Twists W/ Braided Roots Twist Out Vid n Pics

I wore the flat twist and twists for a total of 15 days before I took the twists out.  Yeah, I could have rocked it for a little while longer (especially since I don't feel like doing anything else with my hair) but I really need to wash my hair like yesterday.  Scalp is on serious itch mode right now that only some good ole fashion shampoo and the pads of my fingers could solve.

Anyway, I made a video showing the take down process and the finished look, but of course here are the pics for those who don't want to watch the video:

I'm fully clothed people! Just wanted to put that out there!


  1. Looking good as always. Man, I can never get over how amazingly thick your hair is. Love it!

  2. Let me tell you-I've been dealing with like 5 inches and less hair for so long I forgot just how thick this hair gets as it grows out! Woo! I need to work on my arm strength ASAP lol! Thank you and thank you for stopping by!



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