Monday, August 22, 2011

Got natural hair questions? Well I have answers!

Hey ya'll!

I get asked a lot of questions about routines, what products to use, transitioning help and the list goes on.  If you have any questions, I have a section that is devoted for them called "Got Questions" right above in the purple tabs menu.

What I think I am going to do from here on out is to answer some questions as blog posts and to answer some as a youtube video instead of answering each one individually.  The reason why is so that everyone can benefit as a whole.  It also will help to cut down on some of the same questions being asked again and again and having to re-answer them again and again.

Okay I know that is a lie.  Some people will see a big ole "Routine" section on the blog and still ask me what my routine is.  I'm like negro didn't you just see the....

But yeah, that is the plan going forward.  If you have questions about your hair, just ask them up above and I'll try to get back to ya soon!


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  1. I would like to know what are the cause of a tender scalp at top of head. I have had this problem on and off. And I break easily in the same area. HELP!



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