Monday, August 1, 2011

Juicy Watermelon Nails and more

I'm going to create a tutorial soon for these.  Yesterday I just got the urge to do them, and so I did.  I use to do nails aaaaall the time in high school and just kind of stopped doing them.  Anyway, I will do a picture tutorial and a video tutorial for this design and probably more in the future.  I have so many designs that I want to do in the future.

But I will tell you this now.  If you have a dollar tree in your area, then you need to run over there and pick these up:

The L.A Colors Nails Art Deco. Dope right for only a dollar a piece?  You know what, I'm one of those people who fall for the "collect them all" marketing strategy.  If I like something in one color, guess what, I'm going back to get the rest, and so here I am with about $11 dollars worth of nail polish.

Anyways, here is why I like these:

That thin brush is on point (no pun intended)!  I use to use acrylic paint on my nails way back in the day (and still have about 30 colors now) and I use to use a toothpick to paint the design or I would use a thick art brush and just angle it.  That crap got old because I would mess up all the time and is probably the main reason why I stopped doing nails.

Another reason why I am feeling these is because they use actual nail paint.  Some of them are a little thin, but the majority of them are thick and good quality (the reason why I have the whole collect all 11 colors collection now). So if they ever come out with more colors, you already know I'm going to be coping them too.

The ugly:

You see that right?  They came out the pack like that.  I think that whoever designed them did a poor job of fitting the cap on the bottle.  But the polish hasn't dried up or anything so I just roll with it.

So yeah, I would suggest that you all run over to your local dollar tree and check these out.  I didn't buy all the colors, so there are a few more that I didn't show, so maybe there is something in there that you will like if you didn't like the colors I have.

More designs I did:



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