Sunday, August 21, 2011

Swirled Flat Twists and Mini Twists Twist Out + Vid

I wore the swirled flat twists and mini twists for about 11 days and then I had enough.  Nothing was really wrong with the style, it was still rockable, but I was just tired of the look.

Honestly, I am kind of torn between the "out" style.  I like the definition, but I hate the "light bulbish" shape.   I went from looking like Yoshi to Toad:

my light bulb fro is shining bright!

Right now I have been looking like Toad for almost a week and I plan to retire this style tonight.  To maintain it every night I just braid it up and put my cotton elastic scrunchies around the ends and unleash it in the morning.  I made a short silly video showing the look if you are interested.

I'm out ya'll.



  1. Thank you Alana! Love your avatar <3

  2. You look gorgeous sis! I love the style on you! LOL at looking like toad and Yoshi but I disagree and I definitely don't think it looks so much like a light bulb! You made me laugh! Again, it looks good!




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