Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Some Quick Twist Pics

I went from this:

And broke em' down to this:

I should be seeing APL in the back by December! Currently my hair is right around 7.5 inches. Alright ya'll! Check ya later!


  1. These twists are looking great! I so wish I could wear my twists out...they're always to skimpy looking. :(

  2. I am definitely your hair twin!!!!! The only different is that my hair is thinner! My strands are THICK as well.

    I have an AWFUL time with detangling. PLEASE...pleasseeeee....pwetty please do a detangling video. Thanks!

  3. @KayJay: girl I am sure your twist out is the! Stop playin!

    What up Sup!!!!! Girllll, you do not want to see a detangling video lol! It takes me anywhere from 2-6 hours to detangle my hair. Definitely not a routine you would want to mimic.

  4. ME TOOOOO!!!!! I just need to SEE!!!! lol I always see others that takes no more than 15 mins and I'm like.....What am I doing wrong? It takes me at LEAST 2 hrs!

    lol What's your method? I usually prepoo with oil and conditioner and use my denman and twist.

  5. Question: Do you detangle before or after you shampoo.

    This weekend, I LIGHTLY sprayed my hair with water and applied the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque, and......I detangled within 30 mins... *GASPS*

    My hair had been stretched from a twistout, and I used nothing other than the masque. That stuff has MAD slip and I'd like to see what you think about it!

  6. I detangle my hair before I shampoo. I use to do it after I have washed and detangled but that led to more tangles as my shed hair wrapped around the hair strands still attached to my scalp and began to form big knots.

    I just finger detangle with my fingers and with a comb before I wash my hair now, then go over it again while I am deep conditioning to remove any left over shed hairs.

    I outline a lot of my routine here:

  7. Wow! You're twists are so adorable and bring back some wonderful memories of when I had my twists. :-)



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