Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me Before I Went Natural

FIVE: My transitioning hair is NOTHING like my natural hair. 

Nothing like it at all! And better yet, my new growth between relaxer treatments were nothing like my natural hair.  For some reason, the new growth seemed like it was the most unmanageable hair in the world and I wanted no parts of it if I had to deal with a whole head full of that!  But once you are fully natural with every inch of your relaxed hair gone, it is a completely different story.  

FOUR: Hair typing is horse crap.

Finding out I am in the Type 4G nappy network didn't make anything easier for me.  It wasn't like after I found out I was a type four I was handed a hand written sacred regimen that was only given out in the underground natural hair network to other type fours after a secret initiation ceremony.  Nope, didn't happen.  I still had to test out products on my hair like everyone else.  No shortcuts. And just because me and someone else were in the same hair category, didn't mean anything either.  Nope, nope, nope.

THREE:cNobody gives a damn.

Really, nobody cares that much about my hair.  I wasn't laid off, the earth continued to rotate around the sun, the birds continued to chirp, what goes up, still came back down and life moved on once I big chopped.  Yeah, of course I got a few negative comments but I also got a few positive ones too.  Other than that, nobody cares enough about my hair (or me for that matter) to give my hair a second thought.  Really. 

TWO:  The big chop is not that bad.
Yeah you will be shocked at first and it may take you a while to adjust to the new you, but really, as soon as you cut off your hair, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

***And drum roll please***

 ONE: Natural hair is the ISH!

I mean really, why didn't naturals tell me all the fun they were having with their natural hair while I was killing my hair softly with the perm?  If I would have known that I had so many different options with my natural hair other than a Flawda Evans fro or locs then I would have went natural a long time ago!  And this is not a diss to either of these two styles.  But back then, over 5 years ago when I was considering going natural, those were the only two looks that I knew about.  Oh, and afro puffs, who can forget those right?

  But other than those three looks, it really didn't seem like there was any other choices.  Then I discovered the underground world of natural hair on the internet and I was instantly hooked on natural hair. The versatility seemed endless and even 5 years later, there are still many hairstyles that I haven't even tried yet.  With natural hair, your hairstyle choices are only limited to your own creativity. The possibilities are truly endless. 

What do you wish that someone would have told you before you went natural?




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