Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Days and Some Change

to take my braids out!!!  I put in a set of box braids (sorry, no pics) and wore them for a total (are you ready?) of 4.5 weeks!!

I planned on wearing them a full 5 weeks but I couldn't take it anymore and had to call it quits.

Good News: 

My hair grew.

December 2011

Bad News:

My hair broke the heck off! Breakage hasn't been an issue for me since God knows when, with the exception of my edges which are weak permanently do to relaxer damage.  But I was weak when I started to notice 4-5 strands of hair all around 1/2 inch long in sections.

Urgh! My edges have never looked this bad!!!

I know hair goes through a growth cycle and a 1/2 inch long hair could be a new hair growing in under any other circumstance, but I know it is breakage because of how many there are.

Why do I believe that this happened? Because of tension.  I didn't braid too tight (I wasn't in pain from the braids), whoever, the tension of the braids was enough to jack up my hair anyway.  What ticks me off is that I worry about the ends, and then my hair breaks off at the roots! I mean really! Can't win for losing.

Busted and disgusted hairline

No use crying over spilled milk ya'll. All I can do is to learn from this setback.  Unfortunately, setbacks are apart of the process of learning your hair.  Unfortunately.  That's why I always say that if you are new to the natural hair game, it is okay if you stumble or don't get it right on your first try.  How many things in life did you succeed at on your first try?  Not many probably.

All I know is, I will never do another set of small box braids, and I will keep a close watch on my hair for the next four months and monitor the health of my hair and report back to you all.  Alright ya'll, I'm out.


PS-I'm still hot though. No lie.


  1. I hate when my hair grows but I lose my edges. But your edges aren't even that bad. After I took my weave out one summer, my hair grew so much but my edges were shot! I'm talking about bald spots. Your edges will grow back in no time. Your hair is so beautiful and fluffy!

  2. Wow! Your hair has grown so much! It's so thick and beautiful! :)

  3. First CONGRATULATION on your fantastic growth. Secondly don't worry about your edges, I have one quick answer CASTOR OIL EVRY NIGHT THEN A MASSAGE YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS BY YOURSELF; Check my blog if you can.God Bless.

  4. Your hair looks great, as usual. I had the same issue with box braids I put in awhile ago. As great as they looked and as long as they lasted I will NEVER do that again!! The breakage was insane and it wasn't just along the edges...smh. It's strictly two strand twists for me.

  5. Girl that fro is fierce! Good luck as you take care of those edges.

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  8. Im So jealous! Your hair is almost as long as mine and it took you like 1/4 of the time!! But you have been taking care of your hair awesomely and it looks great!! I would love to reach inside my computer screen and touch it!

  9. Despite the breakage, awesome job retaining length!

  10. Thanks ya'll! <3 <3 Imma do my best to nurse my hair back to healthy next year!

  11. Great blog, but haven't you all heard about the Take Down Remover Cream? The product is specifically designed to detangle and remove braids, extensions, twists and dreadlocks. You shouldn't have lost that much hair.

    The Take Down Remover makes it so much easier to remove these hair styles-that way women won't dread the whole take down process whether they have natural hair or not.

    The Take Down cream softens all the knots or clumps of matted bits at the roots like butter-which prevents breakage. Especially around the hairline.

    Conditioners were not created to remove braids, weaves, extensions or dreadlocks-the instructions on the bottle are evident of that fact. We could save so much of our hair if we used the product that is aptly titled for the process we are doing

  12. Girl don't feel bad. I just recently had a setback myself(it will be posted in my next video). It happens. Don't know why, don't know how, just sneaks up sometimes. Just start applying castor oil and keep it moving. Honestly, it doesn't look that bad although I didn't see the before pics. I've seen much worst.

  13. I am feeling your fro! Looking good Ms-gg!



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