Monday, January 9, 2012

Even Better the Second Time Around + Video

And I thought the braid out was banging on DAY ONE. Oh my goodness! By the second day, my hair was looking something like this right here:

a little bit like something over there:

and all of this down here:

The products used for the original braid out was:
  • worlds of curls curl activator gel
  • kinky curly curling custard
  • castor oil
All I do every night to preserve the hairstyle is just rebraid it into large braids to keep it stretched out so that I can reduce knots, single strand knots, tangles and all that other nastiness.

Ya'll may know that I don't wear my hair out often at all, but let me tell you: for the past week, I have been loving wearing my fro out!  It just feels good every once in awhile to let your hair down, yeah know?

This week I plan to put in a set of mini twists (some people never learn) and I plan (remember I said "plan" which means it ain't going to happen) to wear them for about two weeks (stop lying, it's going to be more like 3-4 weeks and then you are going to be complaining about all the tangles heiffa).

Well, I hope ya'll have a great day!  Oh and here is the video of the style:


  1. Two words for this hair...YES MA'AM!!!!

  2. Now I know i've been gone for several months, but coming back and catching up on all your updates was worth it. I can really see the difference in your hair's growth and view all the wonderful styles you've been wearing. Thanks!

  3. Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U rockin' that!

  4. Thank you Herkinkyhair87!!! :D



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