Friday, April 27, 2012

1940's Retro Natural Hairdo

Finally I have enough hair to play around with so I threw my mini twists up into a simple retro updo. The mini twists were done while my hair was dry using worlds of curls curl activator gel as my moisturizer/leave-in/shine booster. 

If your hair is healthy, natural hair will naturally have a slight sheen anyway, but of course you can never have enough shine! Okay, I take that back, you can have too much shine-*cough* Jermaine Jackson anyone?

Anyway, here are my twists completed everywhere except the daggone middle.  I swear there is twice the thickness as everywhere else in the crown section of my hair as it takes twice as long as everywhere else to twist this section up!

It is not necessary to do mini twists on dry hair, however, I do them occasionally because I want to "show off" a little length every now and then.  As I said in this video, the Worlds of Curls Curl Activator gel really works best on damp or wet hair. 

That is why I always apply the product to my freshly washed hair first.  On this occasion I then placed my hair in big twists or braids and let it air dry before I took them down to do the mini twists.

It is a bit time consuming, but I like the results that I get so if it ain't broke, I ain't fixing it (ya know?)

And then a week later after slaving over putting these mini twists in (yes a WEEK), I threw my hair  into an updo with a hump in the front like so:

And this was day two of the look:

I liked this style a lot and I wore it like this for about a week.  Every night I just took it down and redid it in the A.M.  I don't like sleeping in hairstyles and updos if I don't have to (too much tension...have you seen my poor edges lately lol).

This style is pretty old (I did it around the second week of March), and I did shoot a tutorial way back then too.  The video will be up pretty soon on my youtube channel so be on the lookout for it! 


  1. I absolutely love this hairstyle ugh I wish my hair was long enough for me to do this

  2. lovely!...i love ur curls. i will await the tutorial :)

  3. Wow, day two looks just as fresh as day one. Nice job.

  4. Thanks ya'll! The tutorial is done just waiting for me to lose the stuffy nose from allergies so I can record voice overs 0_0

    @D.R: you will be there before you know it hunny! Believe me!

  5. cute! cute! and more cute!



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