Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Faux Shaved Side on Natural Hair Look #2

Link to my previous Faux Shaved Side look from yesterday

For this look all I did was swoop the twisted ends of my flat twists over the flat twists and then I braided the ends into one long braid.  I then took the braided tail and tucked it into the nape of my neck underneath of my fro.  I pinned the braid down using open hair pins.

The main reason I did this was because I was not too crazy about the look of the twisted ends being flat twisted into one long flat twist that I did yesterday.  It made the look too bulky looking and did not achieve the faux shaved side look that I was seeking.

Well guess what?  Neither does this look but I rocked it anyhow :P

Tomorrow I will be posting my third day look.  Ya'll know me, all this loose hair everywhere everyday is getting on my nerves forreal! I'm more of a protective style chick (aka lazy styling).

 So many people ask me how I get my hair to "grow so fast"...hunny, it is because I put it up in twists and leave it alone for weeks at a time! Your hair can't break off if you don't mess with it everyday lol.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting! I really appreciate all of the feedback that I receive.

Take care,



  1. You know I have been thinking about doing the same thing! A faux shaved style that is, but I plan to do it in a updo of sorts



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