Monday, May 14, 2012

My Niece and Her Super Dope Fro and a SURPRISE...

So me and my niece basically grew up together like cousins more so than Aunt and niece-we are only a few years apart.  She talked about going natural all the time but like most of us, making that giant leap to cut off all of the permed hair was a challenge.

But she surprised me one day.  We were riding in my car and she announced to me that she finally did the big chop! I gave her a skeptical look at first because sometimes people declare that they are natural even though they still have permed ends.  Shoot I did it so trust and believe I am not judging anyone.  But nonetheless, I assumed that is what she did.

She wore a lot of twist extensions and weaves for the first few months of her naturalness.  Then she surprised me again when she posted a picture of a beautiful fro on Facebook!  She really did go natural.

Anyway, you probably will be seeing a lot more of my niece, Baby Luv in the future (she just doesn't know it yet 0_o), my road dog.  With all that said, here are a few pics of her gorgeous fro.  Anybody else have some serious hair envy right about now???

Oh yeah, you know you like how I just snuck that shot in though right :D   Tee hee.  Be blessed ya'll.



  1. Ya'll are beautiful and look like sisters!
    CONGRATS on your graduation, that is a lovely pic :-)

  2. She does have great hair and I'm digging those earrings.

  3. Aww she's beautiful and so is her hair!

  4. Yaaasss! Cheers to the new grad :-)

    I didn't walk, so I'll live through you lol

    What's your degree in, Ms. Graduate?

  5. You and your niece resemble. Her hair is nice

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!So I know we'll be seeing even more posts in the near future right? ;) Your Niece's hair is gorgeous and I love that color. Your hair is BOMB as always:)

  7. Thanks ya'll! I'll be sure to tell her about all of the nice things you had to say about her hair and earrings :D

    I double majored in Marketing and Sociology :D



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