Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mini Twists are Back in the House

I lost my mind again and did another set of mini twists ya'll! If you've been rocking with me for a while, then you will know I have a love hate relationship with mini twists. 

I love the look.  I absolutely love how versatile mini twists are and how they look on me in general, however (this is a BIG however with a lot of emphasis on the "how"),  I HATE the take down from these things!

 Usually, it can take me literally up to two days or more to take all this mess down because my hair tangles so bad from them.

 I don't know if it is the mini twists itself that cause the tangling, or the fact that I wear these things anywhere from 2-5 weeks at a time which can cause the 4 weeks worth of shed hair to wrap around my twists and cause the tangling.  I think it is the latter.

 So this go around, since I have SOOOO much free time on my hand since I completed my last class ever as a college student last week and I'm sitting waiting patiently for a callback from a job, I am going to try to take these down after exactly 14 days of wear.  Hopefully this will solve my issue.  I will definitely keep you all posted. 

. I'm trimming my ends soon and I'm so mad I'm deal with breakage in my crown SMH 

And also, since I am out of school, with absolutely NOTHING to do, since I am patiently waiting for a job to call me back after I completed my last class ever as a college student last week, expect more frequent updates. Much more frequent.

  Like expect a new post tomorrow, maybe even a new video tonight.  I'm just saying. 0_o

Here is the low down on the mini twists: 

  • Washed and conditioned my hair using Oyin Honeywash cleanser and Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner
  • While my hair was still wet, I applied Worlds of Curls curl activator gel to my hair as I twisted up my hair into big jumbo twists.
  • After my hair was put into twists, I let it air dry for about 12 hours overnight
  • The next day I broke down each jumbo twist one at a time into mini twists reapplying Worlds of Curls as needed as well as Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel to the ends
  • Voila! Tis all I did



  1. Your hair looks amazing. I am so jealous of the thickness of your hair! My mini twists always looked so anorexic when I did them - even with the brick-laying pattern. Smh.
    Ah well. C'est la vie!

    1. I feel your pain, Brittney. When I was loose I had the same problem. This chile here...goodness lol I'm always left speechless by her hair.

  2. Waow love the thickness and the fullness of your mini twists lately I've been rocking mini braids and not so mini braids without extension and I find my hair less tangled that after mini twists but you make me want to go back to mini twist wish they'll look as full as yours :). Love the pics you're beautiful.

  3. It's gorgeous. My hair (I call her Sheila LOL) is not that long yet, still at that awkward length, btwn TWA and mid of ear when stretched and I don't have the patience to do the mini twist just yet. You mentioned that you were going to trim your ends soon. Do you just do the dusting technique or do you go through the whole flat ironing process and then trim? I need to do the same thing and I dust ever so often for the SSKs that pop up, but because I want to retain my year and 1/2 growth, I am afraid to go to a stylist and they end up chopping my hair down to nothing.

  4. My goodness! Your twists always look so thick and healthy. These are gorgeous pics of your hair and it really shows the length. :-D

  5. Your twists are so gorgeous and thick. Wow. Very very nice.

  6. I love your hair. It looks so healthy. Thanks for sharing those photos and the details on how to achieve it! Good day!

  7. Your hair looks fantastic :-)



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