Got Questions?

Well I have answers!  Do you have a specific question about a natural hairstyle or about your hair or natural hair in general?  Well ask it here!  I plan on answering all questions here, and also include them in All Up in My Fro and answer some on my youtube channel.  With no further delay, let the questions roll!


  1. Hi Ms GG

    Your hair is so beautiful btw! Please could you explain what hair manipulation is? Also how do you keep your twists so neat for so long? That joy seems to be beyond me. At the moment I can't even keep twists in for more than a night and then I just take them out and wear a twistout. Do you wash/co-wash your hair whilst you've got your twists in? How?

    I've got loads more questions but I'll wait to hear from you first.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Thank you Abii :). and first and foremost, thank you for stopping by!

    Hair manipulation is slang term that some naturals use online that in a nutshell means to touch or mess with ones hair. So when I or other people say that they do not manipulate their hair that often, it means that they do not comb, brush, or change their hairstyles constantly. But how much is too much manipulation varies from person to person. For me, manipulating my hair too much means combing (detangling) it everyday, and heck, even once a week. For some people, once a week works for them. As I said earlier, it also means styling your hair too much. For me, that means going from twists to braids back to twists then a puff all in the same week. Too much manipulation. For me, too much manipulation leads to breakage.

    B)"How do you keep your twists so neat for so long"

    You sound like my boyfriend. He has a hard time keeping twists in his hair. Have you tried doing them smaller? Sometimes smaller twists will hold better than bigger ones.
    But Trust me, having almost frizz free twists after 2 weeks did not exist a year 2 years ago. I had to find what worked for me. I learned that the best way for me to keep my twists looking neat is to not manipulate (there goes that term again) my hair that often. When my hair is wet, or if I just spritzed it with my moisturizer, I don't immediately style it right afterward. I give it time to dry and then style it. I also sleep on my stomach, and not directly on the style. That helps a lot. I also don't rinse my hair much while it is in twists, if at all. And that has nothing to do with frizz, but because my hair easily tangles when I rinse too much.

    When I do rinse or cowash my twists I use the pads of my fingers to massage my scalp but I try not to disturb (or manipulate) my twists that much. That helps to preserve the style.

    I hope that helped!

    And you are welcome to ask any more questions you might have :)

  3. Hi Ms-gg!
    I'm waiting to get my nerves back so i can do my Big Chop! I love your website and your youtube, you're so informative and I absolutely love your hair! My question is: when i do get my BC, it's gonna be very short. What product did you use when you first cut your hair? I've heard oils are good but i also heard gels are. Also my hair gets a little dry sometimes (in its unnatural state), how can i prevent this from happening when I go natural?

    Thank you so much!
    mz. keke

  4. Hey Mz. Keke! You are going to love love love your natural hair! Thank you so much for the love as well. I really appreciate it :)

    One of the biggest problems I have is with hair dryness. My hair is coarse and very porous. There are only a few things that I can say without a doubt that my hair likes:

    World of Curls Curl Activator Gel
    World of Curls Comb out Spray (regular kind)
    Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose conditioner
    Coconut Oil
    Stay Soft Fro is also decent

    Yours may not be this finicky. Sadly it is about trial and error.

    The best way to prevent dryness is to seal it in with some type of oil. You first apply your moisturizer or leave in, then you apply your oil. Some of the most popular oils that other naturals use are:

    Castor Oil
    Coconut Oil
    Avocado Oil
    Shea Butter
    Olive Oil

    there are plenty of others to chose from, but these seem to be the most popular. Good luck to you on your hair journey :)

  5. Hey Ms-gg!! I love your blog and I have a couple of questions. First, what do you put on your scalp? I have been having a problem with dandruff lately and it seems like no matter how often I wash or how much olive oil or grease I put on my scalp it won't go away and my scalp stays dry. Second, what do you use to moisturize your hair with?? My hair is really thick and it seems to just suck up whatever I put in it. Right now I use Hawaiin Silky but I have top put that in almost everyday otherwise my hair gets SUPER dry.

  6. Thanks so much for the love! I actually don't put anything on my scalp. I noticed that when I would put something on my scalp, it only exacerbated the situation. Grease really makes it worst, especially if it contains mineral oil. I have never suffered from dandruff so sadly I do not have any first hand experience on getting rid of it, but I have heard of people adding tea tree oil (only a few drops) to a water based spritz to get rid of dandruff, as well as the Sulfur 8 spray and apple cider vinegar rinses (diluted thoroughly in water). If all else fails I suggest that you see a doctor who can prescribe you a shampoo or something to help. From my understanding, dandruff can be caused by an overgrowth of yeast.

    For moisture I use World of Curls curl activator gel and their regular formula comb out spray. Currently at the moment I add Taliah Waajid's mist bodifier spray to the comb out spray for the cooler, less humid fall temperatures. I too suffer from thick dry hair and it is definitely a challenge! Good luck to you and take care and let me know how things go :)

  7. Hello, I love you blog first of all, I love watching other naturals rock their hair! I BC'd earlier this month and I am loving it. The only thing I am having a slight problem with is somewhat dryness. I heard you mention that your hair was porous and glycerin helped. Where do you get it from and how do you go about using it? What do you add it in and how much?

  8. Hi Ms-gg! I've been natural for a few years but yesterday I chopped off most of my hair. Like you, I was plagued with splits and holes of all sorts all up and through my hair and I couldn't for the life of me (and my hair) figure out why. I take care of my hair, I baby it, but the damage seemed to be irreparable so cut it down to about 2 inches. I still need to shape it up a bit because I had my hair in mini twists (my favorite hairstyle :( )..

    Anyway, I recognize you from Nappturality and LHCF and your hair seems a LOT like mine (in curl pattern, texture, adversity to shea butter...) so I was just wondering what you think was the cause of the incomplete splits, splits, etc? I really can't pinpoint what it was. I rarely wore my hair loose and when I did it was a twist out 99% of the time. I always wore protective styles (twists with my own hair for the most part). I experienced dryness but I didn't think it was excessive. I didn't have much breakage (but in retrospect I think it was pretty significant). I really don't want to make the same mistakes again so any tips you can give me, direct me to your regimen, somethin! I thought I had it down because I am pretty knowledgeable about hair care practices, products, HAIR in general, but I'm at a loss right My hair is shorter than I've ever had it in my life, I went from shoulder length to TWA in less than two days, I'm pretty frustrated.


  9. Hey Co, I am so sorry for the troubles you have been experiencing. Those splits are so annoying! I am not 100% sure what causes those stupid splits, but I have a slight hunch that in my case, they are caused by using protein. Right now, this is all an assumption until I can go a whole year or more without experiencing them, then I can tell you for certain if that is the culprit for them in some cases.

    Overall, incomplete splits are possible on our because of all of the bends and twists along our hair strand that creates the coils and kinks. Every bend and turn is a weak spot in the hair strand that is susceptible to breakage and damage. I know it is not what you want to hear (because I don't want to hear it either), but sadly I think that splits are possible no matter how well we treat our hair simply because of the way our hair is.

    You know the basics, but some other things you may want to consider doing if you haven't already is to:

    try finger detangling your hair, if you can't finger detangle then consider purchasing a seamless comb.
    stop using shampoos with sulfates
    try to moisturize at least once a day or 3 times a week at least

    I hope you find out what is the cause of your splits! And when you do let me know about it!

  10. Hi!! I jut found your blog on LITK and this may have been covered but how do you combat dry scalp? I've been natural since September 2010 and I find that now in the winder months, I'm having dry scalp. When I used perms, I used sulfur 8 but I don't want to use that now due to it being so greasy in my hair. What suggestions do you have?

  11. I've had everything in life from weaves (glue and sew in), a curl, relaxers braids, kinky twists, etc. Well in September I got my last relaxer and decided to transition. During the transition my hair all fell out so I went ahead and did the BC January 22nd. My problem is that my hair is very kiny and coarse. It's hard and rough to the touch. (I can scrub a pot with my hair. Or so I've been told) and no matter what products I use my hair is still dry. I've been trying Miss Jessies, I'm now trying the Curls Products, Olive Oil, Cantu Shea Butter Products, Tea Tree Oil and Castor Oil. After using them my hair is dried out within the hour and it doesnt help that I have bad shrinkage. I was told that I need to stay away from products with alcohol, petroleum and mineral oil but no matter what I find it has one of those products. HELP!!!

  12. Hi!!! im a second yr university student officially tired of relaxers and chemical Im basically "transitioning"... but I haven't exactly made the 'official' decision. I haven't relaxed my hair since October, and I have my hair in braids right now. I notice my hair had been breaking really badly..along wiith that, I can't seem to find a good detangler either. Im scared to take out my braids, cuz I know its gonna be WW3 on top of my head! Can you please help me out -_-!!


    Stacey G.

  13. Hey gg, your hair looks like it in such good condition! What do you use for conditioner now? On your other site you said world of curls was crap now, lol but I'm desperate! I'm like 4b/c, and I gotta know like how to moisturize and retain the moisture with water like you mentioned before :) Thanx in advance, hope to hear from ya soon ;)

  14. So sorry ya'll for not getting back to you in a timely fashion :(

    @Guys: Sometimes just the act of moisturizing my hair with a water based spray helps to keep my scalp moisturized. I have dry scalp too and that is the only thing that really helps. :)

    Sorry about your hair loss. It sounds like your dryness might be mistaken for the actual texture of your hair. My hair is coarse too and for the longest time I thought my hair was dry all the time too when in actuality, it was just the way my hair felt. It naturally feels rough and there is nothing that can change that. Products you put on your hair can make your hair seem more soft, but the coarse feel is still there. As long as your hair is not breaking or getting damaged despite it feeling rough, then you should have nothing to worry about.

    I went the whole winter with hair that was a little rougher than usual but today, the third day of spring, my hair is damage free. Good luck.

  15. @Anonymous

    Hey. As far as a rinse out conditioner after a shampoo, I use Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose. I still use World of Curls curl activator gel (dry hair formula) as my main moisturizer when I style my hair. If my hair gets dry after I style my hair then I will spritz it with Worlds of Curl comb out spray (regular formula) as needed. Hope that helps and good luck on finding a good moisturizer! I know that it is a very hard search sometimes to find that one match for you and your hair needs.

  16. @Stacy: Congrats on your decision to go natural. The hair breakage you are experiencing can be caused by several things. One of them can be the simple act of transitioning from relaxed to natural. The spot where the relaxed hair and natural hair meet is a very weak spot on the hair strand. This can cause breakage. Also, sometimes long transitions cannot be done by everyone.

    I transitioned for 6 months before I gave on transitioning due to breakage and just an overall general frustration with the two textures. I advise that you really consider doing a big chop so that you don't damage your natural hair, but it is totally up to you when you finally do decide to trim it off. Good luck to you.

  17. I have been natural for 2 years. My hair I cut my to my ears and now its to the middle of my back. I would really like to press it but I don't want to mess up my curl pattern. Is there any way I can make it straight with minimum damage?

  18. Hi 333lyricaldream! I am not that familiar with straightening natural hair because I haven't done it myself. The only thing I can suggest is that you use a good heat protectant product and make sure that you don't turn the heat up that high on your straightening tool. It doesn't take an extremely high amount of heat to straighten natural hair. Good luck!

  19. Hi,could you give me more specifics on your finger detangling process? When in your regimen do you do it? How often? What product if any do you have in your hair? Does the way you finger detangle remove shed hair as well as tangles? How do you do it (like what are your fingers doing)? I'm 4something and I'm trying to research the best way to get shed & tangles out so hopefully you with a similar hairtype like mine can help. Thanks!


  20. Hello there. I am a fellow natural beauty and I have been reading your blog and had a question? If you were to do 2 strand twists, after deep conditioning is this when you add the moisture (WOC) and then put curling custard (I would probably use shea moisture product) and then the castor oil on the ends? I always seem to miss a step somewhere. After you do a twist out how do you maintain it? Satin/silk bonnet overnight and then do you put more WOC in it and go or water or nothing? Thank you for your time. I am trying to get to at least half of your hair length and health. My hair is already thick thank God, but when I do a braid/twist out I literally do not know what to do the next day besides retwisting/rebraiding it. My hair is about to my shoulders, but i really need the middle to grow longer:)

  21. I have been 2 strand twisting my hair for the last month or so. I am still having problems with my ends not twisting neatly. What can I do to make them twist/curl at the ends?

  22. Hi I just came upon your site today while purusing (is that spelled right) the Youtube. I was wondering if you trim your hair at all and how often? I have been natural for a little over a year and I usually try to trim my hair myself. Some naturals go get their hair straightened and then trimmed and some don't. What is your method? Trying to decide if I want a professional to do it, just afraid they might get scissor happy. Thanks

  23. Have you used uncle funky's daughter curly magic?

  24. I have natural hair of course but the thing is I have been natural or going natural since last year so this is my second year . My hair in the back of my head is curly but my hair in the front is straight . And sometimes I like to wear my natural hair curly but I dont know what product to use , what will you suggest ?? Also, what are some good natural products or ways to grow faster hair without putting too much heat in it ?? Thanks xoxo

  25. How to get my hair to grow? what are some great products to keep it moisturized and to condition with, define?

    My curls? My hair has the feel of soft 3b curls but my curl pattern is more of 3b 3c. ok so i have been natural for about 2 years then i got a perm April 30th 2011 now i havent had one since. My hair is about shoulder length but not all of it. How to get it to grow? What are great products to use? Why is it so difficult to grow it long? My ultimate goal is for my natural hair to be waist length. I just need help. I wear a lot of sew ins with curly hair think that will give my hair a break from heat and everything else. I just need help on what to do with it. How to make it grow and how to keep it healthy. It can stay extra frizzy. Lol. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! I WANT IT LONG NOW.LOL

  26. How to get my hair to grow? what are some great products to keep it moisturized and to condition with, define?

    My curls? My hair has the feel of soft 3b curls but my curl pattern is more of 3b 3c. ok so i have been natural for about 2 years then i got a perm April 30th 2011 now i havent had one since. My hair is about shoulder length but not all of it. How to get it to grow? What are great products to use? Why is it so difficult to grow it long? My ultimate goal is for my natural hair to be waist length. I just need help. I wear a lot of sew ins with curly hair think that will give my hair a break from heat and everything else. I just need help on what to do with it. How to make it grow and how to keep it healthy. It can stay extra frizzy. Lol. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! I WANT IT LONG NOW.LOL

  27. I have a pixie cut hairstyle and i have recently relaxed it, i would like to go natural so what should i do now since i cannot do the"big chop" because my hair is already cut down so short?

  28. What do I use for twists out on my daughter who is 12...this is my first time doing this I know how to twist dont know what product to use while twisting.

  29. Im going natural with a sew in but I was wondering if u could give some tips on how to care for my natural hair while it's under the sew in & how many times should I wash my hair?

  30. hello, just seen this i havent got a relaxer since december and the middle of my hair is sore scalp and its damaged bad any suggestions? as well as my new growth is heavy in the root but alo t of my hair has the chemical still in any suggeestions on hair styles. i have no i dea what to do with my hair

  31. i also would like to know i want do a braid and my hair is not full natural did you part the hair because my hair is not thick and i find u can see the parts. suggestions?

  32. Good Day Ms-GG,

    I love your hair, simply gorgeous.

    Notice you twist your hair with Alove Vera Gel, I do the same, leaves the hair very nice.

    Question for you, after Day 1 & 2, how do you moisturize your hair, because when I try to, my hair stays white from the product I apply.

    Help please and thanks a mil!!!

    Keep rocking your natural hair girl!!!!!


  33. Hello,
    I've been fumbling around your site a while and have decided to give natural hair a go. i just recently put some Bantu knots in my hair, some came out good and others not so good, but i expected that since i used a different product for each, but anyway i was wondering if you've ever done a Bantu knot Out and if you know about the maintenance after. im looking for a good protective hairstyle that last longer than a day.

  34. hello, i was wondering how often do you wash your hair when going natural? my second question is what different type of style can you do with short very curly thick hair



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