My Hair Regimen

  Keep. It. Simple. 

  That is my haircare routine in a nutshell.  I don't use color (anymore), I haven't used heat on my hair since I big chopped in 2006, I don't over manipulate my hair, and I keep it moisturized.

   As of September 2010, I no longer trim my ends on a schedule to "prevent" split ends that never occur. Hair can split not only on the ends but at any point along the length of your hair.  Trimming imaginary "split ends" that haven't occurred will not save you from splits!

  Anyway, here is my weekly routine.  Nothing complicated, nothing crazy, just keeping it simple!

Wash Hair:
   I wash my hair with shampoo anywhere from 1-4 times a month.  I am working on a detailed description of my process.  It saves me time and frustration and I have been doing this for the past 4 years.
EDITED: You can find that detailed description here

Deep Condition:
   I deep condition my hair after every single wash.  My staple right now is Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner.  I like this conditioner because it leaves my hair feeling smooth and soft which is great because soft smooth hair is less likely to become tangled and matted after washing with a shampoo.

  Hair that is tangled and matted can become susceptible to damage from combing and styling, and overall makes styling your hair more of a hassle than it needs to be.  That is why it is important to always follow up your shampoo wash with a conditioner.     

  I usually deep condition with the Aubrey Organics honeysuckle rose conditioner for 20-40 minutes. If I am feeling spiffy I will add coconut oil, honey, agave nectar or any other oil I have laying around.  I like a little oomph with my deep conditioner sometimes.  But most of the time I add nothing.

Click here to see the products that I use.

From here I do one of two things:

A) Prep Hair for a Style for a later date
  Most of the time that I get the impulse to take down a style it is late at night  (don't ask me why, I have problems I know).  And embarking on a 3 hour twisting session is not my idea of a good time at 2 am in the morning.  So after I am finished conditioning my hair, I prep my hair to be styled at a later date.

  I will take down my detangling braids, which are usually fuzzy and horrible looking at this point, and I moisturize my hair and braid it right back up into what I call my prepping braids.  And in the morning, if I don't feel like putting my twists back in or another protective style, I can release my prepping braids for a braid out.

B) Style Hair      
  I usually like to wear my protective hairstyles for 1-3 weeks on average.  When my hair is longer, I tend to leave the styles in longer. 

-Repeat this routine-

  I can't repeat this enough.  Simplicity is key for me.  The less I bother my hair, the better for both of us.  Hope this post helps someone.  It is still under construction so please bare with me.


  1. Thanks for sharing your routine!!! Your Twists are gorgeous and so very Healthy looking! Do you use a comb or just finger parting method for your Detangling process?

  2. I am glad I stumbled upon your site. Great advice and photos, but I'm curious about the Wonder Curls products you use. Aren't there a lot of chemicals in it?

  3. Reading your regime was encouraging. I've been Youtubing and googling, and my hair just doesn't like all the fuss that most women do. I'm going to keep it simple and see how it goes. Thank you!

  4. Ask, what do you moisturize your hair with after you deep condition, and take down the detangling braids, before you braid back up. Please.

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  6. Hunnnniii...LOL i dont know what your name is BUT...I kinda stumbled on your blog today and I am cracking up at your writing style and transparency! I absolutely love it. I am still reading everything and ADMIRING your hair. I am i guess you could say "transitioning" but I cut all of my perm out, sooo I guess Im officially NATURAL (cheaa). Thank you for all your hair tips. I will post my questions as they come and Im sure they will ...thanks for sharing your journey with us....



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