My Current Hair Products

A video discussing my favorite hair products:

*As a disclaimer, I will receive commission for anything that you purchase from the Amazon widget.  I have included some of my most favorite hair products for those of you who are interested in purchasing some of the hair products that I use.

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel with Naturals:

I see you with your mouth open over there lol!  Yes I love this stuff that much lol.

ingredients : water, glycerin, propylene glycol, peg-15 cocopolyamine, peg-60 lanolin, diazolidinyl urea, fragrance, methylparaben, hydrolyzed collagen, disodium EDTA, propylparaben, yellow #5, red #3, blue #1, red # 4.

World of Curls Curl Activator Gel
ingredients- Water, glycerin, Peg-60 lanolin, triethanolamine, carbomer, fragrance, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, phosphoric acid, yellow #5, red #33, blue # 1, red # 4.

  I have found it best to use this product on wet hair.  It does a better job of locking in that moisture than applying it to dry hair.  When I apply it to dry hair it does nothing except make my hair greasy.  That is why it is important to not give up on a product just because it does not work for you the first time you tried it.  Sometimes you have to play around with it and see if it works better on damp hair, dry hair, or some other variation.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, it is available in the amazon widget above. 

Hairveda Whipped Creme ends hydration:

You can snag this product at  I love this product in the wintertime because it is a really thick lotion packed with many oils such as castor oil to name a few.  I mix it with my worlds of curls curl activator gel and it keeps my hair nice and soft for days and days!

And if that isn't good enough to make you give it a shot, it is really cheap and it lasts for-ever!  One bottled was around $6 and after using it all winter I still have half of the product left! Definitely well worth it!

Other Products I Use:
Aloe Vera Juice
Coconut Oil
Essential Oils

And My occasional hair tools for my natural hair:

And Magic Star Jumbo Rake Seamless Comb:

 RIP to these hair products.  They did NATHAN for me:

Hair Grease
All Beeswax Products
Shenique Carrot Oil Moisturizer
Castor Oil
Knot Today
Jamaican Castor Oil
Flaxseed Gel
Peanut Oil
Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier Medicated Formula
Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier Regular
Gel that has SD Alcohol 40 in it
All Hair Sprays
All Hair Sheens
All Hair Glossers

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, you now are released back into the earths crust.   Goodbye and be gone!
*Sings Going Up Yonder, Nappy Edition 2010*


  1. Ommggg, Shea loe, coconut oil, castor oil.. Why goodbye?!

  2. LOL! Girl, that stuff did nothing for my hair :(

    Maybe I'll try it again later, but it just made my hair greasy and drier than in was, even when I mixed it with something else :(

  3. What about raw shea butter?

  4. Raw shea, refined shea, yellow shea, white shea, shea with the shells still in it, shea butter I went all the way to Africa to get....none of it does anything for my hair. I really wish it would work though because I really like the stuff...but this finicky hair of mine won't cooperate....

  5. I agree with you there, shea does not do a thing for my hair besides weigh it down, and make it greasy. I've tried it every way from Sunday, and it does not work! lol

  6. LOL!! Hey Angie! I use it sometimes when I am taking down a braidout. Like I said before, I really want to like the stuff because the idea is great but meh. My hair said noway Jose....

  7. Have you tried those "tubs" of activator gel? My mom has a similar product grave and keeps going back to your staples plus the activator tub stuff. It seems to be working for her. Have you ever tried that stuff before? If so, what did you/your hair think? :D ( ajargon02 from lhcf and np )

  8. Hey girl! The world of curls that I use comes in a tub too. I have tried other tub brands hoping for the same results but I always go back to Worlds of Curls. For whatever reason, the formulations of other activators are a no go for me. Most of them are too light for my hair so that is a big reason why. My hair is really coarse and it likes really heavy products and ingredients...HTH

  9. I think I have FINALLY found my hair! I have 4c(i say 4z)hair, did my big chop 10/2009,and have spend at least a thousand dollars ($200 the day after BC)if not more on products that don't work-case in point,I just bought the Huetiful Hair steamer. Used only once so far, so can't give an accurate assessment yet. Just about every product that's on your RIP list I have or currently am using. My hair should be to my butt by now, but I know I've lost a lot of hair through trial/error. I detest washing/wetting my hair because it mats up and shrinks like crazy. I know i'll love it when it's a little longer, but this short, course, hair is one of the toughest things i've dealt with. It deprives me of sleep, makes me run late (or cancel all together), and just plain drives me crazy! I desperately need a routine that works! Whew, I know this was way long, but I had to!

  10. Sooo...I'm curious. You been talkin up this Aloe Vera gel forEVER!! LOL How do you use it? Or what exactly do you use it for (like styling, conditioning, detangling?) And does it HAVE to be the green kind? Cuz as you know, that kind is no longer available =(

  11. @Elaine: Girl I have been there too! One of the hardest things for me was finding a solid routine that I knew for fact worked. It was definitely trial and error, which we all hate, but soon, everything began to fall into place. With your determination, I know that one day you will find the right routine for you as well, good luck :)

  12. @Jessica! Lol! I really love aloe gel! I just use it with my moisturizer as a soft hold gel. This particular kind is really good at leaving my hair feeling smooth. My favorite style to use it with is with flat twists because it helps to make them look shiny and neat.

    I have tried the clear FOTE aloe vera gel, but back then, I didn't like it as much as the green kind. A lot of people use the clear kind with no issue, you might like it to so give it a shot :). I think places like Target may sell a trial size so you don't have to make a big commitment right away. And if it doesn't work for your hair, you can always use it on bug bites and sunburn and in conjunction with your body moisturizer. Good luck

  13. I love love love your blog and videos! Your hair looks like my hair. Therefore, why are you saying RIP to castor oil. Castor oil is a great thick and heavy oil for our coarse hair and it is really growing my hair. What was your experience?

  14. Hey Anon! Thanks for the love and thanks for stopping by! I've had a love hate relationship with castor oil since I went natural in 2006. For the most part, I didn't like the stuff, even though I really wanted to because like you said, it is a heavier oil.

    Now, I must admit that last year, I began to like castor oil again because it worked pretty okay for me last winter for a little while. I might take it off of the RIP list if it works well for me again next year. We'll see. Good luck to you on your natural hair journey :)

  15. Hi Ms. GG! Your mini twists / individual twists are shiny and healthy looking. Really beautiful. So...I have 3 questions: 1) What products do you use when twisting? 2) How do you manage the frizziness? 3) What styles do you do with the activator gel? Thanks and I hope I'm not asking for too much info. I've been natural for 8 months and still feel like a "newbie". I love my hair!!!

  16. Thanks so much! I totally understand because it took me a while before I got it together, shoot I am still trying to figure some things out lol.

    1)I use the worlds of curls curl activator gel and fruit of the earth aloe gel for my twists.

    2)I usually don't over manipulate my hair. I don't wash my hair while it is in twists, if my hair is saturated with a water based product, I try not to manipulate it while it is wet, and I don't wear bonnets and scarves to bed because they make my twists fuzzy. I just use a satin pillowcase and satin sheets. If my twists get fuzzy, I'm okay with it. It took me a while to get to that place but I don't freak out like I use to back in my first year of being natural. But I do try to reduce it as much as I can by doing what I said earlier.

    3)I use the curl activator gel for all my styles. Worlds of curls curl activator gel is my staple moisturizer and it works well for all my hairstyles. If I use something else to style my hair with, I will mention it in a post because it is very rare for me to do that. Nothing gives me the moisture, the shine and the feel that I like in a product other than the Worlds of Curls.

    Hope that helps and good luck!!

  17. Hellur FroStoppa! After you do your two-strand twists, WHAT PRODUCTS (if any) do you use daily for shine or to keep them looking fresh while your hair is twisted?


  18. Hey :)

    I use the Worlds of Curls Comb Out Spray! I believe that you may be able to find it at your local walgreen's (or at their online store) or at your local beauty supply store. Hope that helps!


  19. Hello

    Thanks for this blog. very useful!!!

    do you mix the worlds of curl activator with the aloe vera gel or apply the world of curl activator first followed by the gel.

  20. Thanks for the love!

    It depends on my mood. Most of the time I do mix them together. But I always use the worlds of curl activator no matter what. The only time I will use the aloe gel by itself is for flat twists. I love it for flat twists :D


  21. Now I'm confused, I thought parabens were bad for natural hair. That world of curl stuff you listed has paraben listed in the ingredients doesnt it?

  22. Hi anonymous :)

    Parabens as far as I know, are not harmful to the hair. They are used as a preservative in some product formulations. However, according to some studies, they show that they could lead to cancer. I'm not going to try to even explain why because a medical doctor I am not.

    If you are familiar with Teri of, she has built a wonderful resource where she shares the pros and cons of some of the common chemicals in hair products. From her website, she says:

    The Parabens are widely used to preserve cosmetics because they cause less irritation than other preservatives. Many of the studies on Parabens found them to possibly cause breast cancer, but many of these tests were on animals, and were given orally or through injections (which is not how humans usually come in contact with them). To keep things in perspective, many plants produce similar chemicals in our bodies (estrogen in high levels may cause breast cancer in some women) that are believed to increase cancer risk such as soy.

    So using or avoiding parabens is a personal choice as are all ingredients in personal care products as well as edible goods. I hope this helped to answer your question.

  23. hi :)

    I was planning on getting hair added in, but I want to keep my hair moisturized while it is in. You have any tips?

  24. Hi Ms-gg,I love your hair!! I have a question, when you are doing your twist style, are you parting your hair with a comb or do you just grab a piece of hair and beging your twist, so as not to see any parts in your hair. Your Hair is so full and thick, so I cant tell...also how do you avoid shrinkage when doing your twist hair styles?

  25. 1st anonymous: try a braid spray that uses glycerin or the world of curls comb out spray.

    snd anonymous: I just grab and twist my hair. You should check out this video to learn about how I preserve my protective styles:

  26. HELP!! I am 9.5 months natural and my hair is shedding really bad. What should I do?

  27. So you tried to extra dry formula of WOC and didn't like? Was it too heavy?
    Also, have you been able to find this on the ground? I've looked everywhere...shipping for this product is ridiculous.

    thanks in advance

  28. Naw I LOOOVE the dry formula of WOC :D. There is no such thing as a product that is too heavy for my coarse hair strands lol! I could put cement on these bad boys and my hair would STILL laugh at it!

    I pick my WOC up at the local beauty supply store, but you can find it at Walgreen's and even some Wal-mart locations. Good luck

  29. Hi FroStoppa,

    I love your blog and YouTube page! You have been such a lifesaver! You are my true hair twin. Our hair hates and loves the same products. Because of your advice I have adopted World of Curls products as my staples. Glycerin is truly my best friend. When I first went natural in 2010 I could not appreciate glycerin. I was obsessed with showing off my coils and glycerin is a curl killer. I cut all of my hair off last February and glycerin became my best friend. Thank you so much for all of your advice. If you ever get a chance can you please,please,please do a YouTube video showing how you apply products and how you wash your hair. My hair is much shorter than yours (6 inches) but I would like to see how you keep it from tangling while washing. My hair is way too short to keep twisted while washing. What did you do at this length? Please help.

  30. Penny use a hair conditioner Organics olive oil for 15minutes then follow with mayonaise (organics is good) lots of it put a cap over it for 1 hour . Rinse . Your hair should be detangled shiny and stronger , less britle .while wet add leave in conditioner , and oil blend of castor oil, coconut oil , olive oil and some heavy duty grease like sulfa 8 . You need moisture trust me. And get new combs kent, hercules chuck out those chese nasty old "razor" combs . Welcome to long flowing locks. Add leave in through the week or spray even with water. Remember to double condition.

  31. Ms-GG,
    First, thank you for all of your hair tips. I have been natural just over a year and up until now I had no conditioners that worked for my hair. I use Shae Moisture Shampoo, and pretty much didn't need a conditioner. Honey, I tried the Aubrey Honey Suckle Rose conditioner...the best, a definate keeper for me, I use it as a leave in as well. I also tried the aloe vera gel, great to refresh my twist, great for moisture and yes a keeper. And last but not least, my favorite of yours, the coconut oil. This oil I love because it has no smell. Also my hair drinks this oil so much that my hair is never greesy just so shiny, this is the only oil that I have found that gives my hair shine. I am keeping my products to a minimum (trying lol) So now I only use..Shae moisture shampoo, Aubrey (HSR) conditioner, coconut oil for shine, and Carols Daughter Marguerites Magic for a moisturizer. Be advised that this product does have a strong smell (not a bad smell just strong) and is an extremely thick product. My hair needs the thickness others might not! Be Blessed Sis,


  32. MsGG,
    Thanks for your advice about WOC it moisturizes my hair. I am 4 months post bc and I must admit I am a product junkie but this really works. I twist my hair every night but I need help with refreshing my hair the next day w/o puffiness. I spritz my hair with water because it looks dry. Please help!


  33. Hi Ms. GG,

    One question, you are using Aloe Vera Gel, well I tried and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how it left my hair. But I do not have access the brand you have so I used this on instead, could you please look it over and let me know what you think about it:

    I would appreciate it, left my hair soft, bouncy and lots of sheen, I love it but want to make sure it's ok too. Thanks a mil and love your Site!!!!

  34. just found your blog & love it.. i am transitioning :) looking forward to more posts & im following..x

  35. I really need my hair to be as shiny as yours. I don't know what im doing wrong. I am glad I found your site but I wondered what your youtube channel is? Love your twistouts they are so gorg!

  36. Omg...thank you sooo much for this blog. Every site that I've gone too never really explained all of the questions that I've had concerning my hair. I am almost 10 months in and I am constantly confused about what to do. My hair is constantly shedding, it seem to grow in thickness rather than length and it never fully detangles. Did you ever resort to getting braids? People keep suggesting braids but my head is so tender and I'm afraid that they may break my hair off on the edges. (finally got the edges to grow back after perm! lol) I'm going to try the products that you've listed to see if this helps. I noticed that you use the WOC product everyday...does this take the place of regular leave in conditioner and the conditioning during you cowash? I'm sincerely apologize for such a long post but I am in so much need of help! I really don't want to go back to the perm. Thanks for your help! Your hair is beautiful by the way!

  37. Omg...thank you sooooo much for posting this blog. I have been natural going on 9 1/2 months now and I am at my wits end. I have tried many conditioners trying to figure out what really works but nothing REALLY works. My hair is shedding really badly...just from running my fingers through it when moisterizing. I've tried (dusting)my ends but as soon as I take them down out of the little twists, its back dry and brittle again. Once I tried blow drying it out and flat ironing it...ugh, that was a horror story! lol It ended up getting hard and felt damaged. I am definitely going to seek out the products that you've suggested and see if they will work. I've noticed that you always use the WOC and the Aloe, do you ever use a regular conditioner as well? Do you cowash? People keep suggesting to me to get my hair this recommended for our type hair? My scalp is really tender and usually within a week of braids,my head itches like mad...and it usually breaks my edges off. (just got them back from being I sincerely sincerely apologize for such a long post, but I am in serious need of help and I really don't want to go back to the perm. Its calling my name! lol Your blog seem to be the one I've come across that is similar to my hair. Thank you so much for your help in advance.

  38. how come I can 't get my hair to stay twisted at the ends it always comes a loose?

  39. Hello I have a question I am trying to loosen my curl pattern without chemicals or heat damage what can I do as far as other natural products or ways? Also do you think sewins and twistouts can help your hair grow I am just a year natural and its still pretty short.



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